APRIL 2020


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Our boys are back to school!  They had their short 3-week break after graduating from their previous grade and now they have hit the books once again.  It does help pass the time with being in the house 24/7.  Now that Caleb is in the 3rd grade, he has had some big-boy tests like in his History and Science classes.  He has been studying and getting good grades so far!  We are proud of how far he has come.  Noah’s classes have definitely picked up a notch being in 7th grade.  This year he is taking Spanish 1.  He noticed that it was a high school class when he saw all of the older teenagers in his video class!  Noah is also taking this time of quarantine to continue to prepare and practice for the children’s worship he will be leading when we get back to meeting together at the church once the quarantine is over.

On April 21, Mexico went into phase 3.  Before this, we had been living in quarantine, but now there are even stricter laws.  You must wear a mask anytime you are in public.  If you are caught not wearing a mask, the penalty is 3 days in jail or 40,000 pesos (about 2,000 usd).  You must stay in your house after 7pm – new curfew.  Only one person can be inside their personal vehicle – you cannot be driving with any other people, not even your own family.  Neither can you enter any store with another family member.  Taxis can only transport one person at a time.  We don’t know how long this phase 3 will last, we have heard rumors of May 30, but so much has changed from day to day.

We are continuing our weekly prayer meetings with the church on Zoom on Saturday nights.  Then on Sundays, we have been streaming our service live on Facebook since March 22.  

We have been blessed to have our interpreter every Sunday.  He lives in another city.  Normally Len would drive to pick him up, since he doesn’t have a car; but due to the new laws of phase 3, we knew we had to come up with another way.  So, we were able to pay for a taxi to pick him up and bring him here as well as take him back when our service was finished.  It worked out well the first week.  We pray it continues to work out well for the weeks to come.  With so many new people from Motul watching in online, we are praying for them.  How cool would it be that if when the quarantine is over and the church doors open back up that we see all these new faces of people that have been watching online!  We are praying for this!  So, we are continuing to work on finishing the sanctuary.  The doors and electricity are almost finished, the ceiling has been painted, and we hope to start putting tile down this month.  It is a little bit more challenging trying to get these things done with the phase 3 restrictions, but we are grateful that we can keep moving forward.

Starting on Wednesday, May 6, at 7pm EST, there will be an online prayer and worship event live for a full 24 hours. Together, we’ll be led by various churches and ministries around the globe as we worship God, read Scripture, and pray for specific issues that affect us personally, nationally, and globally.  We have had the privilege to lead one of these 24 hours.  On Thursday, from 4pm-5pm EST, we will lead that hour with a time of Scripture, prayer and worship.  We will also be live on chat to pray and minister to people.  What a great opportunity!  We hope you will be able to join us!












As for us, our family, we are doing well.  We are healthy and the Lord has provided all of our needs.  We are so thankful for His goodness as we have seen the faithfulness of those who support our family and the ministry continue through this time of trial.  Praise the Lord!  God is so good!


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