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This month we hired our first full-time staff!  The café ministry has been growing, and with Natalie needing more time at home to focus on the boys’ homeschooling, we have been praying about this for a couple years. We had asked Ruth months ago to start praying about it.  She is a single mom who has been a part of the church along with her daughter for 4 years.  They are very dear to our hearts.  Ruth has worked at a place in the center of town that sells chicken for the last 10 years.  Due to her work schedule, she has not been able to attend church on Sundays.  And now, for the first time in her Christian life, she can come to church!!!  It was a big step of faith for her, for us, but we know that God has led us down this path together and we are excited for how this ministry will grow and how blessed Ruth will be for following God’s calling for her life.


After four weeks off from school, the boys started back up with their next grade of school.  Noah began 8th grade and Caleb started 4th grade.  These older grades are no joke.  Good timing on Natalie being able to be home more to help our boys even more with their schoolwork.  We can’t believe next year Noah will be in high school and Caleb will only be one year away from middle school.  To think that Noah had only finished kindergarten when we came here to Mexico and Caleb was only 2 years old!


After the video that Noah did last month was shown in SIX78 at Calvary Fort Lauderdale, they took an offering for our church to be able to buy a new keyboard for worship.  The worship leader brings his own twice a week and it’s in rough shape.  So, we prayed, we asked, and God provided!  Thank you SIX78 Fort Lauderdale for letting God use you to bless our church!  Our worship leader was very excited!  We were able to buy a nice keyboard, stand, pedal, and cover with the money you donated for it.  It’s already in use!  Glory to Jesus!


We also had individuals and churches donate specifically in the last few months for 2 different projects at the church.  We are currently installing the solar panels for the church and in the middle of process of getting all of the paperwork in order for the city to be able to change the meter.  Next, we will be getting an estimate on getting a concrete roof put on the sanctuary bathrooms.


We have been on the field for almost 7 years now, and as missionaries, we’ve learned much in our time in Mexico. Many people have different ideas of what missionaries do based on their personal experiences. But one of the things we had to learn, as international missionaries in a country that is foreign to us, is that we also have to live; learn how to do life, how to deal with the day-to-day. During our almost 7 years here, there has been mountain top seasons and valley seasons.  Currently, we are experiencing a difficult season. Our oldest son, Noah, has been complaining about back and shoulder pain. We took him to an orthopedic and he sent us for x-rays.  The x-rays showed that Noah has a 10-degree curve in his upper spine that needs to be addressed. So, what does it look like when a missionary receives this type of news?  Well, it’s usually going to doctors you do not know, learning medical terms in a language that is not your own, going to hospitals that are much different than what we are used to and then praying for funds for the treatment that is needed.


And this is where we find ourselves now.  The treatment for Noah is $150 usd a month, not a huge amount, but on a missionary income it’s a sizeable amount.  We are committing to his treatment for a year, traveling to the capital city once a week or more for Noah to go to physical therapy, and a strict schedule of going to the gym with formulated workouts to strengthen his back. We are in this for the long haul as we are firm on our calling to continue the ministry here in Motul, Mexico, and trusting God will meet all our needs whilst we serve Him here.  Please pray for healing and for God’s provision for the treatment for his recovery.