It was one year ago that we discovered a good piece of property and made an offer.  It was accepted on the spot.

All that God has done with this property since that time, including getting it paid off, has been amazing.  After only 5 months of hard work, in May of this year we moved into our new property.  We were able to restore all of the current construction that was there to use not only for the church café, but for church services as well.  Then in May we started a fundraiser called “Brick by Brick.”  In many different ways God provided for us to start the construction for the new sanctuary.  The high school team from Texarkana, the Guatemala team, and HSM Boca team helped a lot by prepping for the foundation for the sanctuary.  Many donated funds to be a part and show support.  In just 3 months we had the four walls and foundation completed for the new sanctuary.  Not only that, but we also were able to get the construction of Len’s office and 2 bathrooms installed.  We worked right up until the day before VBS in the first week of August.  Since then we have done no further work on the sanctuary.  We are waiting on the Lord for His provision to continue any more construction work.  The big things we need are a roof and electric work done then, of course, there are all of the other things that add up like doors and windows and things like that.  As the story of when Jesus fed the 5,000, the disciples saw a need and responded logically.  When evening came, they told Jesus to send the people away so they could go to the villages and buy some food because they were in a remote place.  If Jesus answered the way they requested, there would have been no miracle.  The disciples would not have been a part of something so great.  It must have been something spectacular as it was the only miracle recorded in all 4 gospels.  We don’t know why we are at a standstill with the construction because we have run out of money; but we certainly are not going to tell God what to do.  We will not pray logically.  We will offer what we have and wait to see what Jesus will do.
























Starting next month, we will be changing our hours of the café.  We will no longer be open during our day shift from 11am-3pm, but only at night from 7pm-10pm.  Not only have we seen a decrease in customers that come during the daytime, but we are losing help as well.  Natalie is relieved though as it was difficult trying to get as much school done with the boys before she left each day.  As the boys are getting into the higher grades, school is getting tougher and isn’t as easy as what it used to be.  For Noah – Middle School is no joke.  We are looking forward to the change.  We also will be open on Saturday morning – we will see how that goes.


Recently, Len taught about the requirements of an elder and deacon.  We currently have one elder in the church.

We have another guy who is on the worship team who recently took over some responsibilities that Natalie had with scheduling of the songs and practices.  We are praying about the future deacons that God will raise up to help with the responsibilities of the church.  The guys are continuing to meet in different homes once a month for a time of sharing and fellowship.  May the Lord raise up strong leaders in this church!

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We celebrated both Caleb’s & Len’s birthday this month.  Caleb turned 8.  We were all excited to go to a small waterpark that was over an hour away, but when we got there, it was closed.  So, we went to a trampoline park in one of the malls in the Capitol City and Len and the boys jumped for an hour.  Back at home, Caleb was able to make his own birthday cake (with some help from is mom).  He was so proud.  We can’t believe our youngest is 8!


Please keep Sunday, October 13, in prayer.  We are having a movie night.  The church is invited and they can invite others as well to come.  Everyone will bring a food dish to share.  Our hope, weather permitting, is to show the movie outside.  We will be showing “War Room.”  For those of you who have seen it, you know the strong message it gives.  If you haven’t seen it, well, you might just have to put that on your schedule this week.