This month was just full of God doing great things. If you ever want to come over here and see it for yourselves, just let us know! In last month’s update, we shared about the husband who came to church 3 weeks in a row after we’ve been praying for him for 2 years!  In case you’re wondering if he came back after his vacation time ended and was back on his work schedule he did! We all are praying that he would come to know Jesus personally. His life would be changed! His family would be changed! Please continue to pray for him and his family.


We started our mid-week classes up again. We have had a major growth in attendance as these classes are about parenting. We outgrew our large meeting room in the back so now we have to shut down the café to be able to meet.  

It’s been amazing seeing the church grow. We have had several new families come this month and it’s such a blessing getting to know them and seeing the church hunger to learn from God’s Word.


Mexico’s Independence Day landed on a Sunday this year so we asked everyone to bring a food dish to church to share.  We celebrated and fellowshipped after service as we all ate lunch together. In events like these we have the chance to sit down and talk with the newer families and get to know them.


Recently we encouraged the married couples to serve together in the café ministry on before and after service Sundays.  It’s been really neat watching husbands and wives serving the body together.

The Children’s Ministry recently finished studying the life of Joseph. We had a movie night just for the kids of the church as we watched an animated film about Joseph with some popcorn and soda. At the end we had a trivia game in which the kids could earn their Bible tickets if they answered the questions correctly. One girl in the church had saved up her tickets as she wanted to use them to get a Bible, which cost 40 tickets. She earned ticket by ticket for months as she came faithfully to the Saturday church cleanings and learned the Sunday school Bible verses by heart. Finally, she saved enough and she was so happy! It was her first Bible and she was so proud to have it.


Caleb celebrated his 7th birthday. He wanted to invite all his church friends to come over to our house for a party. As the church has grown since his last birthday, this meant that the guest list would be even bigger. Here in Mexico, when a kid invites another kid over to his birthday party, the whole family comes with him. Needless to say, we had a bunch of people, but we had a blast.  What a blessing to have all of these families doing life together, walking the Christian walk with us.


Matthew 6:8

“Therefore, do not be like them. For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him.” Many times, it’s easy to read the Bible and say “yeah, I get it.” It is much more difficult to walk those things out. This November Calvary Motul will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary, and it is incredible what God is doing in this city and in His church. When we moved to Motul 3 years ago I knew we were called but had no idea what the plan was. We moved in faith, prayed much and saw the church grow from a small (very small) group sitting on the couch, to a slightly larger group sitting around a table. Every week enjoying a time of worship, teaching the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter. Regardless of how many would come, we would pray and prep with all our hearts. And God started to bring people to hear about the greatest story ever, the story of salvation in Jesus. Before you know it, we had to move out all the tables from the coffee house every week and bring in rows and rows of chairs. The church no longer fit around a few tables, we had to build out our current location 3 times with in the first year and a half. After the third build out, we were maxed out on space. We continued to do outreaches, share our faith, teach the Bible and love the people of Motul. I shared the church vision of “know, grow and share” and the church did just that. Natalie and I had to accept that the church was outgrowing our current rental location.


So, a year and a half ago the prayer process started and we started praying for a new church property. During that year and a half, we looked at many properties only to be broken hearted as things did not work out; and all along the church was grow ever faster. But every time we heard ‘no,’ we knew God was closing the door; He had better instore for the church. It was about a year ago, I was weary and disappointed. I asked the church to join me in praying and giving for a new location for the church and they did.


Two weeks ago, we saw an ad pop up on Facebook for a place for sale here in the city of Motul. It was only 2 blocks from our current location in the center of the city, it has been the best location for sale we have seen. Instantly we knew this was the place. We prayed, I spoke with the church board, spoke with our elders in the church and we were ready to make an offer. We made an offer and the owner accepted it. So as of now the church has a new property. We had enough in church savings to pay for 65 percent of the building with a contract to pay the other 35 percent over the course of the next year. This is for sure a huge step of faith.


The property has an old colonial style home on it that will be converted to the Café and Children’s Ministry and we will need to construct a sanctuary large enough to hold about 150 people. But God has delivered this to us. As we have been praying He knew all along what we needed. This place is permanent, it will belong to the church body, long after Natalie and I leave the church will continue.


This brings us to what is next, how you can be involved. Have you ever dreamed of building a church in a different country? Being a part of the great commission? You can. First, pray for us here. There is a ton of work and construction needed. Second, if you are skilled in any phase of construction or fundraising we could use your help. If you could come or organize a team to come and build or to have fundraisers in the states it would help the work here. If you would like to help financially you can do that. We will soon be adding specific needs to our website. You can look and choose how you could bless the church in a specific way. But most of all celebrate with us as we celebrate what God is doing in this city. Our family will be returning for furlough in January. If you would like to hear more details in person, please contact us soon so we can set up a time to meet and catch up.