We started off this month with the first Sunday having our first child dedication service.  We didn’t cap on any age limit, as most of these families have only decided to follow Christ in these past 1-2 years.  We wanted them to have a chance, as parents, to dedicate their children to the Lord.  We had 10 children dedicated that day. It was the first time we shut down children’s ministry and everyone sat in service.  We didn’t have one chair left.  Afterwards, we all enjoyed lunch, as everyone had brought something to share. What an honor it is to be a part of their lives.  It was such a glorious day to share with all of these families.



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We had many birthdays to celebrate this month.  Between Caleb and Len having their birthdays, there were also others in the church that celebrated theirs as well.  Between the café and the birthdays, it’s possible that Natalie made a cake every day for 7 days straight.  Caleb had a blast with his Captain America party at the church where he invited many of the families from church to come.  Len’s birthday landed on a Sunday and was blessed by the church family who all brought some food for everyone to have lunch after service.

The afternoons in the café have certainly picked up, as we are definitely the spot for teens to hang out at after school.  With Alex (the other missionary here serving with us) being away on furlough this month, our family had quite the busy schedule of now all of us having to be at the café for every shift day and night.  Praise God that He gave us the strength and endurance we needed and our boys didn’t miss any school.  It also became a great opportunity for those from the church to volunteer and serve in the café ministry.  It’s such a blessing to see so many from the church get involved and serve the Lord. We just love it.


We have so far had insulated the metal roof, ran all of the wiring for the electricity, and installed windows and doors in the single mom’s house.  Next, we will be hiring a plumber to work on the bathroom.  Right now it is just 4 walls of concrete.  We are still in need of donations as we still have a lot to finish – bathroom, tile, kitchen, paint, and some furniture.  If you would like to donate to this project, there is a link on our NEEDS page.  Natalie has been talking to the single mom asking her how her catholic parents, with whom she lives with now, feel about all of this.  They are skeptical, but we have seen subtle changes in her mom.  Just the other Sunday, one of the single mom’s daughters was sick so she needed to stay home and miss church.  But the single mom’s mom offered to watch her sick girl so she could go to church with her other daughter.  Little by little we keep praying.

Another cool thing we heard was from the lady who had her mom recently pass away.  We wrote about her and the funeral we attended in our last update.  She was talking to her cousin the other day and sharing how she decided that she’s going to get baptized at the next baptism at our church.  Her cousin started giving her a hard time about it, but then the lady from our church, her husband spoke up and defended her.  This is the husband who is a strong Catholic and didn’t even want her coming to our church.  But he told her cousin that he has seen a difference in his wife and she has changed.  He has never come to our church service, but we are praying that maybe he will come to the baptism to watch his wife be baptized.  We are praying for the Lord to soften his heart!


We are praying for the Lord to send us more help.  If the Lord puts it on your heart the desire to serve Him as a missionary, it could maybe just be here in Motul, Mexico.  If so, please contact us; we would love to talk and share with you what the Lord is doing here and what needs we have as a ministry for someone to help with in serving.