As you know, we have been praying for a while for a church van.  Earlier this month, the Lord led us to one for sale that seemed just at the right price.  The owner was very nice to deal with and we believe the Lord led us to this purchase.  We are blessed to now have a church van to use for both church activities and our mission team.  We knew it needed some work, so right now it is in the shop getting fixed up.  We are hoping to have it back next week so we can start using it.  What an answer to prayer!



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Before we dropped the van off at the mechanic shop to get repairs done, we were able to use it one time for our first church outreach.  There is a neighborhood at the end of our city that we started reaching out to.  Natalie and another lady from the church went shopping and bought food and supplies to give away to families in need.  We then invited our church body to come participate in our first outreach.  We had two families come and help pack 10 food bags that also including some toiletries, tracts, and a Bible.  We then all hopped in our red church van and drove to this neighborhood to share the love of Jesus.  We split into two groups and went door to door talking to families and sharing with them about Jesus and inviting them to church.  We were able to bless some families in need as well with the bags we put together.  Our hope is, when we get the van back, to be able to pick people up from that area every Sunday and give them a ride to our church service.  It was a great start and we were blessed with the families from the church that came and were a part.

We celebrated Caleb’s 5th birthday this month.  This year he invited all the kids and their families from our church here in Motul.  It is such a blessing to share our personal lives and memories with the body here.  Everyone had a great time.  We also celebrated Len’s birthday later in the month.  Natalie and the boys took him to a Brazillian restaurant in Merida that he’s had his eye on for over a year but has never been to.  It was delicious.  You don’t get much beef here in the Yucatan, but at this restaurant, the beef just kept coming!  It was a great family day of just us enjoying being together.


In the middle of September, our family traveled to Merida airport to pick up Mark.  We met Mark back in January when he visited us while he was backpacking through Central America.  He had stayed in Motul a month then and came to our services and café quite a bit.  Since then, he had been following us on social media and reading our updates on our website.  When Len posted months ago about the need of more help and the desire of us wanting to start English classes, the Lord placed it on Mark’s heart to come back and serve with us.  So now he is here and we are in the planning stage of starting English classes!  He is also learning his way around the café and becoming quite good at making frappes!  We also just recently received another missionary who has come to help us and live here in Motul.  We have known Alex since he was in Sunday school at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale.  Now he is a young adult and we are blessed to have him join our team here.

We had someone inquire about Len’s paperwork and what the status of it was at the immigration office as we haven’t heard anything in a while and it seemed to be taking long.  After having someone we know that works in that department searching to find out what has been taking so long, we found out that all of Len’s paperwork got denied.  So unless a miracle takes place before it becomes official, it looks like our whole family will have to leave the country.  We are hoping it will only be for a few days to resubmit all of the paperwork at the Mexican Consulate in the States we keep praying.  The Lord knows the end result and we are trusting in Him.  He began this work and we know He will complete it as we love Him and are called according to His purpose!

Busy Cafe Receipts

This last week took us all by surprise.  Since the start of summer, our normal customers have not returned to the café and our café business has been slow.  But this week that all changed.  During our Wednesday afternoon shift, we had groups of school kids flood into our café.  We’ve had busy days before, but none like this.  Our café was filled to the max with youth.  Len, Natalie, Mark, and Alex were all busy trying to keep up with the orders as they kept coming.  Within an hour time frame, we had 100 kids in here with over 60 orders placed.  It was unreal.  We didn’t know what to expect the next day.  But then it happened again!  By Friday they were taking pictures with us and asking more questions about us and we were able to invite them to church this Sunday.  We’ve been here for over a year now and these kids had never come into our café before there are still so many to reach.  We are glad we are here.  What a great opportunity.  When we shared with them about the English classes coming soon they all were so excited.  And so are we.  This will be another way to share Jesus with those who don’t know Him... yet.