While we have been here,

two pastors from our mission's department from Fort Lauderdale Calvary flew over to Mexico to visit Robert in Merida and to also see our place in Motul.  They are very excited about the new work God is doing and we received two thumbs up.  When we return, we will be opening the doors for the café to begin and also start our Sunday night Bible studies.  We were able to order our church sign and get it picked up right before we left to come to Florida.  It turned out great and we can’t wait to put it up outside on the building when we return.  It’s so exciting to see what God is going to do in Motul and we are thrilled that God chose our family to be a part of his work there.




On September 22, our family was on a plane headed back to Fort Lauderdale to start our time of furlough.  We have had such a great time so far with family and friends and are amazed by the blessings we have received by the Lord through them.  We have had an opportunity to catch up with some of our supporters, connect with the missions department, and speak at a few places already.  We have only been here a week, but our schedule has been very full.  The boys are enjoying being with grandma every day as we are staying with Natalie’s mom while we are in South Florida.  We have many more homes to visit, many more churches to share with.  Please keep us in your prayers for our health and the opportunities we have to share about the new work God is doing in Motul.  We pray that some of the people and churches that hear what God is doing in Motul would want to be a part and help support the new ministry through prayer, finances, or even sending teams. You can see our updated calendar below to see where we will be sharing.  Feel welcome to join us at any of the churches we are speaking at and hear our story.  We have three weeks left, but we know time will go by fast and before we know it, we will be back in Mexico.

This month had many celebrations.  We first had Caleb’s 4th birthday.  We were blessed to have friends drive from Merida to join us in Motul for his birthday party.  Everyone had a great time and it was fun to see the playroom get “tested” with kids and be able to see how that will work later when we open the café.  We also are rejoicing over our landlord praying to receive Jesus.  One day John, the other missionary from Merida that serves with us, met with Eduardo (our landlord) to just hear where he is at and to be able to share with him the hope of salvation.  Eduardo prayed to receive Christ and since then, John has been meeting with him weekly to have a time of Bible study with him.  Please pray that he will grow in his relationship with Jesus and he will not fall away because of the enemy’s tricks.

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We also celebrated Mexico’s Independence Day on September 15.  Being that our building is right in the center of the city, the parade they had in Motul marched right down our street past our front door.  Every school was represented as the kids marched down in their school uniforms or traditional Mexican outfits with drums and flags.  The fire department, paramedics, and police departments also were a part of the parade.  The city square was filled with thousands of people that night as they had carnival rides, food, and a stage that had continued with different entertainment and presentation of songs and dance.  It was a great celebration to see and be a part of.

Barans' dinner 2 sign FURLOUGH 2015 calendar