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We started our furlough on October 1st by leaving our house at 3:30am to go to the airport.  We later arrived at The Villages, Florida, around 4pm.  We spent our first four days there spending time visiting and sharing with the body from Calvary Chapel Villages.  They blessed us so much while we were there and we have so many that are dear to our hearts.  We got to go thrift shopping for clothes for our boys (they have outgrown everything since the quarantine) with the pastor and his wife.  Wow, what deals you can get!  We had several meals out with different couples in the church that we knew.  Another couple had our boys overnight so we could have a date night.  Where we were staying felt like a bed and breakfast – they make us feel so at home.  We also were privileged to take over their Sunday church service.  Natalie led worship with some worship songs from back in the day and Len taught the message.

The next stop was some vacation time.  We spent a few days in Orlando with some friends.  We had such a good time of fellowship with them.  Then we headed north to Tennessee as a family blessed us with a few days to stay in their cabin up in the mountains.  We got much needed rest and time to be alone as a family.  The view was gorgeous and the memories will last.  On the morning we were leaving, as Len went to the car to load up, he discovered that in the night a bear must have opened the front and rear passenger door.  We forgot to lock our doors!  There were mud smears on the door and puncture marks from his claws!  Wish we could have seen that!

Not too far away from the cabin we drove to spend a few days with Natalie’s family.  Noah and Caleb played endlessly with their four cousins.  They must have jumped a thousand times on that trampoline!  One day we were able to go to an outdoor Fall Festival with the whole family.  We competed in a corn maze, the kids went down slides and jumped on big bouncy trampolines, raced on bicycle tractors, petted and fed some goats, and we took pictures in the fields of flowers.  Leaving Tennessee, we made the ride back down to Florida to spend some time with Len’s family.  We carved pumpkins, made a scarecrow, the boys shot BB guns and bottle rockets, and Noah learned how to drive a golf car in which he did every day we were there.

While we were gone on our furlough, 2 storms hit Motul.  Tropical Storm Gamma and hurricane Delta.  Gamma actually did the worse damage as it brought so much rain.  The sanctuary flooded again and with all of the moisture, mildew appeared on everything.  Hurricane Delta didn’t do much of anything as it blew by quickly.  So, when we returned, we started cleaning up at the church.  We had a few work days in which a few from the church came out to help each time.  Then another hurricane came – hurricane Zeta.  We were expecting for high winds and a lot of rain, but the storm blew by quickly and in about a half a day it was over.  We were grateful it didn’t flood the sanctuary again.  But then, 2 days later, we had some hard rain in the afternoon.  The streets flooded, but it rained only for a few hours.  Then at 2am, a huge thunderstorm came bringing the hardest rain we have ever seen here.  It rained hard constant for an hour and then at 3am Len went to go check on the church.  It was flooded again.  All of the cables and sound equipment had been put back – so now it was all under water.  It rained hard for hours until late morning.  This was worse than the hurricanes. So, now we are back to cleaning everything up again.  We are grateful that we have a property to clean up.  Praise the Lord!


We started the process of applying for a permanent residency.  It will take a few months until we obtain our cards.  

We ask for prayer for the paperwork to be in order and for us to find favor for approval.


The regulations will be changing November 2 in Yucatán; social events such as weddings, XV years, baptisms and birthdays can be held in closed areas and will be allowed a capacity of 50 people, and in open places, 100 people. We still will have a bunch of regulations that we will need to follow, but the children and pregnant women are only suggested to stay home, not mandated.  On Sunday, November 8th, we are planning to have our first church service!  It will have been 8 months since we have met!  We are working every day to get the property back in order from all the rain and then to set up all for all of the requirements of social distancing.  We also will be opening the café that same week.  We are busy preparing!  Please pray for our health, the weather (a break from all this rain would be nice!), and for us to thoroughly be prepared for our opening week.