As we started the boys’ school year early in June, the have already completed the first semester.  Noah & Caleb did good in their grades and we are looking forward to an even better 2nd half.  We normally don’t take a long summer break, but only 3 or 4 weeks off.  This allows us to be able to take off for other times during the year like when teams are here, VBS, or our furlough.  But we are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas as these are the only holidays we actually take off of school.

We are so blessed with the opportunity of being able to homeschool them for their education.

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We did try opening the Café on Saturdays here this month, but it just didn’t catch.  Changing your hours is a big deal here; we didn’t know if it would work or not.  So, we will continue to be open at nights from Tuesday through Saturday and continue to pray for this ministry to be affective.

We hosted the movie night this month.  Praise God for the great weather!  We were able to set up all of the tables and chairs outside and set up the projector screen to show War Room.  Everyone brought a dish to share.  Some from the church brought unsaved family or friends.  We had about 60 show up.  We pray that the message had an impact on these families and the gospel message penetrated the hearts of those that do not know Him yet

There was a Calvary Chapel Men’s Conference this month that was held at a Calvary in Cancun.  Five guys from our church got up at 4:30am to drive to Merida to meet up with 2 of the Calvary Chapels there to ride in a 4-hr. bus drive together to Cancun.  There were several different speakers from different Calvary Chapels in Mexico as well as times of worship.  The 1-day conference ended in the early evening and they all arrived back in Motul at 11:30pm.  They had a great time and it was such a great experience for them to fellowship with other believers and meet others outside of our little church here in Motul.

We had two families over for dinner to be able to share with them the opportunity for the fathers to pray about serving as a deacon at Calvary Motul.  These two guys have already been faithfully serving in the church.  They seemed humbled and very excited for this opportunity.  They have been given time to pray with their wives and we hope soon to hear back their reply.  This would not only be a great step in their walk with the Lord and new ways for them to grow in their leadership, but it would also be a great support to us as they would be taking on some of the responsibilities of the church that we still do because there has been no one else to help.  Please pray for these 2 men and their families as they pray to make their decision and if they say ‘yes’ – pray for protection as you know the enemy will not be happy about that.  Oh well, too bad, Satan!  God is winning over here!


We have our first marriage retreat in January.  We are so excited!  There are many couples in our church that need healing.  There are some that are not married, some spouses that are not saved, and some that have talked about divorce.  The registration deadline is Nov. 10.  Please pray that God would move in the hearts of these couples and that we would have a 100% sign-up with then a 100% attendance