Just recently Mexico had elections. Motul also voted in a new mayor. Everyone in the city and our church was excited for the change as the previous mayor wasn’t very good for the city. With the new mayor came many changes, and from a distance we saw he was doing good things for the city and people of Motul. One day Len had a visit from a man of the new mayor’s administration; he was from the office of religious regulation. As you could imagine, Len was concerned. Come to find out it was an invite to a mayor’s breakfast with the mayor and his new staff. Also, in attendance was a representative from every type of denomination along with every religion type in the city. Len was blessed to be one of 3 people to speak. Len was to represent the Christian faith, he was joined in speaking by a Priest and a person from the Mormon church.


To say the least, Len was nervous, not only to speak in such an official capacity but also in front of people with very diverse thoughts, doctrines and beliefs. He prayed and asked for prayers for boldness and just the right words to say. He had the opportunity to open the faith portion of the event with prayer. After hearing the Mayor speak about the problems in our community and violence rising in the young people, Len was able to share. His opening statement was: “With respect to everyone here in attendance, as I hear all these problems there is only one solution - Jesus. None of our abilities can help these people long term, but Jesus can.”  After he shared about what we at Calvary Chapel Motul are doing to help the community and addressing issues with young people, what programs we have in place and what we hope to open soon. We can’t say everyone in attendance liked what Len had to share, but he was able to hold his head high, because he knows this day all heard the Gospel of Jesus. Not many times in Len’s life has he ever been in front of so many influential people, and no way was he not going to share the most important part of his life. Thank you to all who prayed, and continue to pray as doors are opening every day here in Motul, Mexico.

After signing the papers for the purchase of the new church property, we opened the doors for the first time for our church body and had an open house prayer night.  The people from our church received a tour and were explained the future plans for Calvary Motul and how they could get involved. We closed out the night with an open time of prayer. How special it is to hear all of these believers praying and to see how far this church has come!


The construction on the new property has begun! Every Saturday at 8am we have a church work day in which people from our church come volunteer and help with various projects in preparation to get this new place ready. Our first project started with taking down the middle wall in the first room which will serve as the café.  The guys all hopped on this. Meanwhile the ladies helped clean up the place by either throwing stuff away or setting it aside for future sale.  Kids also got involved and helped out.  It’s been a total blessing having the church participate in prepping this place as the first time when we fixed up our current building three years ago, it was just our family who did all the work.  What a family in Christ we are blessed with to serve alongside.


As you read in last month’s update, we have 12 months of payments still to complete our full purchase of our new property.  Each month we are relying on the Lord to provide $1,000 USD for us to be faithful with completing our payments. Praise God that He provided what we needed for our first payment in October.  We have a donation link if you would like to give and be a part of helping Calvary Motul pay off the balance for our future location.

We asked the church to pray and get involved with a church yard sale that we would have in order to raise funds for the property. So many families donated things for us to sell and many came out to help organize and price everything and also help with the sale itself. The Lord blessed us with about $470 that we raised from the sale. We even have enough items left over that we will have another sale in November! Another way we are raising funds for the new property is we will be opening the café to the public on Saturday nights. This is actually the busiest night in the center, but we have never been open because on Saturday mornings we have church cleaning day and everything is changed over in the café to set up for church service. But now we have people from the church volunteering to serve on Saturdays in the café and a few guys that will serve early Sunday mornings to change everything over and set up for church.  God is faithful.

Our current project is taking down a structured wall in which we needed to hire professionals to make sure it was done safe and correctly. We still have tile to lay down, lights to put up, windows and doors to install, walls to build, walls to paint we ask you to pray for God’s provision for the needs of this new home of Calvary Motul as we move forward in getting it ready.  Our contract on the current place we rent ends June, 2019. But if we can get out sooner so we can save the money we pay on rent every month, that would also be a blessing.  We have posted some needs on our             page for those that want to be a part in giving.  And if anyone is gifted in construction, plumbing, electrical, painting or just can come over and help in any way for a week or two, we welcome you. Please contact us!