Three years ago, on Nov 15, 2015, we had our first church service.  This month we celebrated our 3-year mark with Calvary Motul. How much the Lord has done!  On Sunday evening, we had close to 70 people come out and celebrate our church anniversary.  Each family brought a food dish to share.  Len opened with a devotion and then the long line formed as we each grabbed a plate and ate dinner together.  It was a great time of fellowship; seeing old families having a great time and also seeing the newer families fit right in.  May the Lord continue to grow His church.

We are continuing the construction work at the new property.  The wall project that we share last month is complete.  Praise God, He provided the $2,000 dollars we needed to fund that project.  May those that gave be blessed.  The Lord also provided the $1,000 we needed to meet our monthly payment for the new property.  Only 10 more payments to go and we will own it outright!  We are now back to $0 and looking at December in faith.  We are currently busy with some little projects like transporting the grass at the old property to the new property, breaking down and moving the outdoor playset, building some outdoor storage space, and clearing some land.  The next big project is laying down the tile for the café rooms and Sunday school room.  This project is estimated to cost $1,800 depending on who we get to do the labor.  Please keep our church in your prayers as we are trusting in the Lord that He will provide as we step out in faith.


On November 20, Mexico celebrates their Revolution Day.  Every school participates in the parade that passes by the center streets in Motul.  The parade passes by for 5 hours!!!  We don’t have a Macy’s Day parade, but this one is close enough to Thanksgiving that we enjoy it!  Natalie and one of the other moms in the church served that day in the church café during the parade.  This is one of our busiest days of the year in the café!  


As every year when November comes around, we are in the middle of renewing our immigration papers.  In the last year and a half, we have used an agent in Merida for all of our immigration papers for both us and our boys.  She is super diligent and efficient and started on our paperwork as early as possible.  The immigration office only gives you 30 days prior to your expiration date to work everything out.  So, on the first day of those 30 days, she went into the office and submitted all of our paperwork that we had been gathering previously.  Not until Nov. 28 did the immigration respond with our appointment; they made it for January 24.  From our experience, this is not the norm as it is extremely delayed.  In the past we have received our appointment by at the end of Nov./beginning of Dec. and then are able to received our updated temporary resident cards by the first week of January.  So, what’s so bad about it being so delayed?  Our plane tickets are already booked for January 14th to come to the states for our time of furlough.  PLEASE PRAY!!! Our agent asked to give her one more week to see if she can change our current situation as they will receive a new president in the immigration office in Merida and maybe he will change some rules.  PLEASE PRAY for our favor and that things will work out.

Noah and Caleb recently changed soccer teams.  Their old coach just wasn’t pleasing when it came to how he speaks to the kids and coaching.  Many of their games were in Merida and took about a ½ day with travel and all.  With our Saturdays now being church work days at the new property, this was difficult.  We found another team that practices on the same nights of the week, but a little bit earlier in the night which works even better with our schedule.  The coach is great.  He seems to really enjoy doing what he’s doing and just being with the kids.  Our kids have learned more in the first 2 weeks of practice than their whole year with the other team.  All of the games are local here in Motul and the boys get to play and practice together in the same team.  What a blessing!