The Beginning of Calvary Motul


On the second Saturday of November we had our first youth night at Calvary Centro.  Natalie oversees the worship and Len teaches and oversees the youth ministry.  We had about a dozen youth come out and it’s a blessing to have youth already serving to lead worship and help with sound.  Len wants to teach for three weeks and then have the fourth night to do either an outreach, a fun night to where the youth can invite their unsaved friends, or a small group night.

On November 3rd, we opened our doors for the first time to welcome anyone who would want to come in to enjoy our café. Just the day before, we had hung our Calvary Motul sign up outside the building.  Everyone that passed by would look up at the sign, seeing that the building that they have seen for the past few months being worked on is now announced a Christian church.  So for the first few days, our goal was to get the word out that we were now open for the café.  Natalie would often go across the street to the center park to pass out samples of cookies, brownies, rootbeer floats, and smoothies.  This is not very cultural to pass out free samples, but after some hesitation, the people of Motul would take a taste to try.  Since then, we have become quite busy.  We have a lot of regulars that come in a few times a week that we have become friends with.  Many who come in to buy a cup of coffee or a piece of cake ask about the church.  Everyone seems to really like the concept of having a coffeehouse church.  We also learned that frappes are very popular among the youth.  So Len quickly created a recipe to now have those on the menu and we have a lot of kids that come in daily to buy one.  It is such a blessing to meet people, have conversations with them in such a relaxing environment where no one is in a hurry.  Just last week, a lady came in and Len was able to share the gospel with her and she prayed to give her life to Christ.

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After so many were asking about the church, we starting announcing that services were on Sundays at 7pm.  So on Sunday, November 15th, we had our first official service.  We had a small little group show up as we gathered in the back of the café and sat in a circle of chairs and couches.  Natalie and Ernesto led with a couple songs of worship and then Len taught from the book of Matthew as John translated.  It was wonderful.  The following week we had even more come.  We are so excited to see who the Lord will bring every week and who may come to know Jesus. We are praying specifically for one family who comes very often to our café, but has not come yet to a church service.  They say they’re Catholic, but we know they need Jesus.  We just continue to show them the love of Christ as they visit and pray that God would work on their hearts that they can come to know Him.

There was another big parade that marched down our streets in the center of town.  The parade lasted for 5 hours!!!  All of the children of all the schools were in it, as well as policemen and fire rescue and paramedics.  This holiday was celebrating Revolution Day Memorial.  Their costumes were beautiful.  We normally are not open in the mornings, but we opened that day and were able to meet a lot of new people as they came into the café.

We were able to celebrate Thanksgiving.  We had the café open for the afternoon shift, but we closed for the evening so we could drive to Merida to join our friends at Calvary Centro.  We had a great spread of traditional food and great fellowship with friends.  The kids got to watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  Since then we bought our Christmas tree from the local supermarket and put it up in the café along with a few strings of lights.  We started making homemade Christmas cookies and had some families over to help decorate.  We plan to have another Christmas cookie decorating party with the youth from Calvary Centro.  Fun memories.

In these last few days, we have had much help with transforming the backyard.  One day, the middle schoolers from CCA in Merida came to help.  They split up into groups; some went out on the street evangelizing and inviting people to the church and café, and one group stayed behind and helped clear out 2 truckloads of garbage!  We were very blessed to have so much help.  And right now we have 3 guys from Calvary Fort Lauderdale staying with us for the week.  They came to landscape the backyard.  There were so many big rocks and the ground was uneven it’s amazing how much they have got done.  It looks great and we can’t wait to finish it to start having events back there for both the church and outreach nights!  We will post before and after pics in our next month's update.


Please visit our prayer request page to see the latest of what our prayer needs are.  We also have a facebook page for Calvary Chapel Motul and for the New Day Café.  Feel free to visit both of them to stay more in touch with what’s going on here and give it a like!

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