MAY 2020


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This month we celebrated Noah’s 12th birthday.  How can you celebrate a birthday when no other family is here, no friends can come over to your house, and you can’t leave to go anywhere???  So, we planned a 24 hr. Survivor experience to make his birthday special.  Our boys received a special message the night before Noah’s birthday explaining that they will be competing on Survivor.  We don’t think they understood all that would entail, but they were excited.  We have two small tents that we used to set up camp outside.  But as hot as it is here this time of year, we did break the rules and use fans in order to survive sleeping through the night!  The next morning, they woke up to just a bit of rice for breakfast.  Then after that, the clues, tree mail, the auction, the rewards, tribal council, the votes, and the challenges begun.  It was about 103 F. degrees out, but we all seemed to enjoy the experience.  We were all glad when they won the reward challenge near the end and were rewarded with pizza and rare-to-find Mountain Dew!  In the end, after a final tie-breaking vote, Caleb was the winner becoming the sole survivor!

We have continued our progress on the sanctuary.  We are thankful for God’s provision and for those that have given to be able to continue to move forward.  We are also thankful that even though so many things have come to a stop, light construction work has not and so we have continued the work.  This month the doors got completed and installed.  We also bought the tile for the sanctuary and had it installed.  It was all coming together.  And then one night, the rains came.  And then the floods came.  Len left our Saturday night Zoom prayer meeting to go check on the sanctuary since we had a pretty big rain for the first time since the roof was put on and the whole sanctuary was flooded.  Before our prayer meeting ended, I was able to ask if anyone could come to the church to help get the water out.  Fifteen minutes later, we had four people from the church show up to help us push the water out.  Although we were disappointed that it flooded, we were thankful that we saw this problem early before the rainy season (in July/Aug) and we could come up with some solutions.

With the rest of the funds we had left that were donated for the sanctuary, we used to solve the problem of the rain waters coming in and the interior walls getting soaked.  We had a short concrete border built all around the top of the edge of the roof with pipes that would let the water drain out away from the walls.  We had to design and build a drain field.  The walls on the outside got three layers of stucco. We also had a drain put in courtyard in front of the sanctuary.  A lot of dirt on the side of the property had to be dug out and taken away to have a place for the water to go.  We have had a few hard rains since the repairs have been completed and all seems to be holding up.  Praise the Lord!


So, what’s next?  We still don’t know when the restrictions from Covid 19 will be lifted or when the church doors will be allowed to open again, but we want to be ready when it is time.  Now we are diligently putting aside any amount of funds that we can each month that has been given to the church online from supporters to continue to finish the sanctuary.  We would like to paint the walls, we have sound proofing panels to put up to try to eliminate the echo, and just a few little details here and there left to get done.  It’s been a year since started the sanctuary project and now it’s nearly finished!