MAY 2019


The first couple weeks this month were long. We had so many more hours invested at the new property overseeing jobs to their completion, hands on many of our own projects, and completing the finishing touches before the big move. Ashley (from Calvary Boca) came over and stayed with us for 10 days to help with everything. She was a huge blessing to the church and to our family and could not have come at a better time, especially with Natalie not being able to walk.

Directly after one of the church services on Sunday, everyone stayed to help pack up everything needed to take over to the new property for the cafe, cafe prep room and kitchen. Throughout that week we set everything up to be ready to open that following Friday for the first time at the new location. That Friday night was breaking records for church cafe. It seemed as though almost everyone from the church came out to enjoy the night and see everything as well as returning customers. Praise the Lord, it was a great night!

The following Sunday we held our last service at the old property. We had a time of open mic for people to share their God stories.  We had been at that location for four years and now we are ready for what’s next!  After the service, we packed up everything else we needed that remained at the old property and brought it over to the new church. Everyone was so excited and couldn’t wait until our first service!  Everything here at the new location has been such a blessing. Our neighbors are all super sweet and kind to us.  One family, that lives directly next to the church, actually attended Calvary Motul 4 years ago when we first started.  But after a few months, they stopped coming and have not been back to church since.  At our first service at the new property, the mom of that family came!  We keep praying for them to come back to the Lord!  He has great plans for them!  The first service at the new property was so exciting for everyone.  All of the kids couldn’t wait to see their new classrooms, the fellowship was sweet, and the service just felt so special at our new property.  The adults met in the café area, which is in a tiny bit smaller space than what we had before, but for now we will make it work.

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we moved!

Recently Len posted on Facebook about an opportunity to be a part of building the new sanctuary.

He titled it, “Brick by brick.”  If you missed it, you can still be a part!


A quick backstory: God has done great things in Calvary Motul. We have far outgrown our current location. For the past year I have not been able to say “invite a friend or family” to the church. We just haven’t had the room. We prayed much, we prayed often and God provided us with a property. We have used all of our construction funds to build the children’s and youth area. The church decided we will wait for a place for the adults; we wanted a place for our children first, the next generation. So, we are in need of a sanctuary and you can be a part. It’s called brick by brick. You can be involved in building a church. But the special thing God placed on my heart is to have the body (you) be involved and blessed. I have a break-down price per block that will be installed in the new church; the price does include labor, concrete, and steel for columns. But when you help us to purchase block for construction we want you to forever be a part of what Jesus is doing here. When you help us purchase blocks, share your favorite Bible verse or a verse you would want to share with us - the local church here in Motul, Mexico and we will handwrite it on a block as an encouragement to all the people here. Each block cost $2.50 USD (remember, this includes all materials and labor to install). In total we need about 3000 blocks. So, I ask you to pray, and if God places it on your heart to help us out, it truly would be a blessing to the church here and a blessing for you; it will allow you to be a part of the great commission here in Motul, Mexico. Remember to share a verse and we will hand write it on a block.




With the donations that have already been given this past week we were able to order some bricks, sand, and gravel.  A team from Guatemala helped us out for a day with carrying all of the bricks to the back of the property.  Many from the church came out as well to help.  Our neighbor blessed us by not only letting use his yard to carry everything through so we don’t have to go through our café, but we currently are keeping the pile of sand and gravel in his backyard.  We will start construction on the new sanctuary in June and build by faith!  On Sunday, June 9, we will start to write the verses on the blocks.


For those of you that are on our e-mail list, you have been following Natalie’s recovery from her motorcycle accident that took place 5 weeks ago.  She has a 2nd degree sprain on her MCL, as well as a torn meniscus on both sides, and her ACL that was replaced 16 years ago was found a bit loose. After three weeks of using crutches, she finally was able to start to walk on her own.  She continues to ice her knee and perform physical therapy exercises at home to strengthen her knee.  Her jaw as well has improved much.  Due to the impact of her chin having a direct hit on the road when she fell, her jaw muscles were greatly affected and she was in much pain and couldn’t open her mouth much.  Now she has much greater capability of opening her mouth and she has returned to singing with leading worship on Sundays.  She continues daily with heat compresses and exercises to get her jaw back to normal.  We appreciate everyone who has been praying.  Through this time, we have seen the body here step up and help.  We had home-made dinners delivered to us every night for the first 10 days as well as the women from the church volunteer to take care of the shifts in the café.  Also, the Lord provided all of the money needed to cover the medical expenses.  He is so good!


Noah celebrated his 11th birthday this month.  We can’t believe that he will be going into middle school this year.  The boys’ summer break has come to an end and the first week of June they will start their new school year.  We are blessed to be able to homeschool them and have such a flexible schedule.  Soon we will be having a team come in July and then VBS in August.  Please keep us in your prayers for all of the preparation that will be in the works in these next couple months as well as the sanctuary being built at the same time!  Following the Lord is exciting!  What will He do next?