MAY 2017

Just a few weeks ago we celebrated Noah’s 9th birthday.  We can’t believe how much older he is getting, how much more he has matured and grown up.  It was a blessed time celebrating at our new home with friends here from the church in Motul.  He also completed and finished 3rd grade.  We are so very proud of him.



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This month began our summer time and we have had the opportunity on Saturday afternoons to get out and have some fun.  We were able to go to the free zoo in Merida with some friends, we took Alex to the water park in Merida where he was able to hand feed some big iguanas his pizza crust, and we have been able to enjoy some time at the local pool in this so-very-hot weather.  Our boys haven’t been around water much these past three years, but they are getting braver trying to swim and enjoying the water.


Times in our lives allow us to look forward as well as take a look at the past; usually anniversaries give us that moment. This June 2 marks three years on the mission field. We are able to look back at 3 Christmases, Thanksgivings and multiple birthdays for the Raynor family. Caleb was just a baby when we came; he is now a boy.  Noah was just a boy; he has now grown in his personality and gifts, as every day he is one step closer to being a young man and well, Natalie and I, we’re just older.  But we have learned so much about ourselves, our marriage, parenting and ministry.  We came three years ago to assist an established church. After the first year God called us again to follow, to a place that was not our home. We are so blessed He did. Two years ago we were called to plant a church. Our language was rough at best, our kids were struggling with the adjustment and financially we were not ready to start a church. God was ready and we followed. Calvary Motul was planted.  During the week it is a coffee house. This allows us to meet people and make relationships; as a matter of fact, everyone that attends the church first visited us at the cafe.


The church is growing in numbers and depth. Our vision statement is "Know, Grow and Share." It is such a blessing seeing the church body catch this and run with it. Now people from the church are serving in the ministry, they are inviting people to church, they are meeting needs of people in the community and they are sharing the Gospel.  So thank you. For supporting what God is doing here in Motul, Mexico.  Every prayer is impactful.  Every dollar is a way to bless others.  Every sacrifice you make to help us live and do ministry here is a blessing.  My words fall short in our appreciation, but let me say this to you.  You are a willing and critical part of the great commission.  We continue to pray that He would stir in more hearts of people to come here and serve along with us, as we need the help.  Here is our video that gives you a snapshot at some of the things that took place in our 3rd year.

We have been preparing for the Calvary Boca HSM team that will come here on June 8.  Please pray for their travels, their health and safety, the weather, and the ministry opportunities and people they will meet.  We pray that their encounters would be life-changing as others will see Jesus because of their love for one another and that the church here would be encouraged and challenged in their faith.  Here are some of the events you can pray for:


June 9 @ 7pm

MOVIE NIGHT: God’s Not Dead.  We pray that there will be no rain and many will come out to the church/café to see the film and hear the gospel.


JUNE 10 @ 10am

HAPPY SATURDAY: a 2-hr. VBS time at church open to the public.  Pray that the weather won’t be too hot and we can have some quality time talking with the kids and their parents about the Lord during this event.


JUNE 10 @ 7pm

TESTIMONY from a believer who once was a Jehovah’s Witness (Mike Rust).  We are really praying that some Jehovah’s Witnesses come to this event as well.  They are here in Motul and we just pray that they will come and hear the truth.


JUNE 13 @ 8am

ENGLISH @ elementary school: This is the first time we will be in a school.  We can’t share anything about the Bible or Jesus, but we will build a relationship with these 1st graders with the hour and a half we will be with them and invite them later that night to the park in which we will be able to share the gospel with them.



JUNE 13 @ 7pm

FUN IN THE PARK: this will be a park outreach in which we will play with the kids, share a drama, and present the gospel.