MAY 2016

This past month was fully packed with events, celebrations, and many blessings.  We first celebrated Mother’s Day.  In the states, it is celebrated always on a Sunday, but here in Mexico, it is always on May 10th.  So because of our ministry schedule, we were not able to celebrate it on either date but the boys took the day in between to honor Natalie for Mother’s Day.  She chose a yummy night out to eat dinner at Fuddruckers in Merida.  It was worth every bite.  Later in the month Natalie planned to have a moms’ night at the church – no men, no kids, just moms.  They brought snacks to share and watched the movie, “Mom’s Night Out.”  It was a good night of fellowship and time for the moms just to relax.



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We were blessed to go one weekend and attend a marriage conference held in the city of Uxmal.  Pastor Craig Caster from the States came and taught all of the sessions as 60 couples from all of the Calvary Chapels in the Yucatan State attended.  It was a great time for just the two of us to get away and to be able to listen to teachings in English.  Friends in Merida kept our boys for that weekend; this was the first time since we moved to Mexico that the boys have stayed somewhere overnight without us.  The hotel was beautiful, the teachings were really good, and the time with each other was refreshing.  Thank You, Lord, for that time You gave us!

As May is the hottest month of the year here in the Yucatan, we saw that the one ac that we took from our last house and installed wasn’t keeping up when we needed it for the café hours and church services.  We put the need out there on our website and the Lord provided for us to buy another ac that is even more energy efficient.  It has been a great blessing and we are hoping it will help keep the light bill a little down as well.


As Natalie uses her Macbook for everything when it comes to things for the church here, café, our updates, design work she does for other churches in the states we were praying for a miracle when it went down one day this month.  It wouldn’t take a charge and the battery was out of juice.  It could have been a number of things and so we were soon looking at flights to the states as it would be cheaper to fly to the states and by a Mac than to buy one here in Mexico.  But as we prayed, Natalie was able to test her computer with another Macbook power cable from a friend in Merida and found out that it was just that.  So we were able to purchase a brand new replacement power cord from a store in Merida, which sells Mac products.  We are so thankful that her computer didn’t need to be replaced just yet.

Noah finished his first year of homeschool – 2nd grade.  We are so proud of him.  It was a challenging year as much of his learning was both 1st and 2nd grade material from him missing so much last year in school.  But he finished well and was passed to start 3rd grade after being evaluated through a FaceTime meeting with a certified teacher in the states.  He also celebrated his 8th birthday with a Star Wars themed party.  He had friends from both Motul and Merida come to celebrate.  We are so thankful as parents for him to be making friends again since moving to Motul.  We are also thankful that one of his new responsibilities as and 8-year old is to take a shower every night!  He still doesn’t see the need he is all boy!


One night Roxy, one of our dogs, was whining to go outside to use the bathroom at like four in the morning.  Natalie got up to let her out and, of course, the other two dogs wanted to go as well.  Five seconds after letting them out, Natalie hears the dogs fighting mad all over each other.  She runs to see what was going on and finds a possum.  It appeared to be dead lying on its back with its mouth open after the fight.  So Natalie picked up the dogs to get them inside and then looked up to see the possum waddling along and straight up the wall to exit.  They really do play dead very well! No one got hurt this time.  Now we know to not only check the yard in the daytime before letting the dogs out because of iguanas, but not at nighttime because of possums.


Len was invited to speak at a youth conference at a Calvary in Merida.  He was able to use multimedia to present the message of making a difference.  Many seemed to be impacted.  We pray that the Word changes their minds and hearts and that the youth will not just hear the Word, but do it.

Our services here are growing.  Last weekend we had 17 adults and Natalie had 9 kids in her Sunday school class.  Praise the Lord!  We continue to pray for the Lord to send someone (or more than one!) to help us minister to the people here.  Two weeks ago we had a mom receive Christ for the first time.  She continues to come with her daughter, but her husband is very Catholic and wants nothing to do with coming to Calvary.  We pray for this road ahead of her that her faith would not be moved.  The body is asking for a mid-week service; they’re saying once a week is not enough!  Growing problems is a good thing!  We have been praying for a translator that is local from Motul.  There is a husband and wife that comes weekly to our café with their little baby.  The dad is American and his wife is from here.  A few weeks ago we asked him if he could start to come to services and translate for Len.  He agreed and did a great job.  So far he has come for two weeks we are praying for God to move in his heart to want to stay and be a part and commit to translating in the long run.

sunday school

This Thursday, June 2, will mark us being here 2 years in Mexico.  We look at how much we have learned, how big our own kids have grown, all that we have seen and done and wow, the Lord is good.  We have another video to share with you of this past year – year #2.  It’s really just the past 9 months, as we focused solely on our time since we moved to Motul, which was last August, 2015.  We hope you are blessed to see what the Lord has done and is doing in the lives that He has allowed us to be a part of and minister to.  We are so grateful for those that are praying for us and for those that faithfully support us every month.  We are also very grateful for the surprise financial gifts that we receive that help us purchase things for the church and café, or just help us get by with paying some of the monthly expenses as sometimes the Lord knows we need it!  Thank you.  And now we begin year #3.