MARCH 2020


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Living, ministering and pastoring on the field in the middle of a global pandemic... where do I start? Well, first, I have heard it said “safety isn’t found in the absence of danger, safety if found in the presence of the Lord.” But your faith is called to action when you live in another country, and the US embassy calls for Americans to return to the states. I knew our family was going to stay. God called us to this place, to minister to the church, not only in good times but also in difficult times. But our faith was really called into action when our youngest son broke out with a fever, then a cough. On a weekly basis I preach faith in God, putting our trust in Him. And now my words were called before me. I did the only think I knew to do, pray for our son. I was hesitant in taking Caleb to the doctor because of the fear our city is demonstrating during this season. Our fear was that they would quarantine our 8-year-old son with other sick people until he was tested. And I did not want that to happen. So, we prayed, and asked others to pray with us. All glory to God. Our son’s fever came and passed as well as his cough.


Right before the coronavirus went world-wide, our boys finished their school year.  Noah graduated 6th grade and Caleb 2nd grade.  They have just 3 weeks off before starting back up again with their next grade, but this is due to the other times in the year we take off for ministry and furlough.  It’s not going to be the most adventurous school break as they will have to live it all out in our house, but still, it’s a break.

During this time, our city went into a full lock down; they have set up road blocks, closed restaurants, and the one small theater we have. The city was doing what they thought was best, and as a church we wanted to submit to the authorities set over us. So, we made the choice to close the doors of the church and café. It was heart breaking; the church has been growing and we have been working so hard on building the new sanctuary. So many have helped the church here with prayers and financial support and now we have had to close the doors for a season.

We have had to adjust like so many other churches. My heart was to continue to invest in the church here in Motul, to speak into the lives of the people in this city using God’s Word to bring them peace in the storm. But my concern was for the health of the church both spiritually and physically. We are all missing our faith community while we are all quarantined at home. Since we have been restricted to our homes, all from the church have downloaded the Zoom app so we can kind of meet as a community for prayer and say hello to one another face to face.  We also had an awesome group that chose to leave their home to serve in the church and give it a deep cleaning and sanitation. Since we are a church that meet with 3 different levels (youth, children’s ministry and a coffee house) during the week and open to the public, this meant we had a lot of cleaning and scrubbing to do.  It was hours and hours of work, but every toy, every Lego, every surface area was cleaned and scrubbed. This was a particular blessing to me as the pastor to see people serving in the church in the midst of fear and panic.

Now I want to turn the attention away from the ministry here. We want you to know we are thinking about you. We know so many are out of work right now, so many of you have been affected in some way by this virus. Please know this - we are praying for you and we appreciate you. If you have any specific prayer request, please write us; we want to join you in prayer. So many people state-side are invested into the ministry here with prayers and support. And we know times are difficult for you also. Please stay safe. And if you would like to join in on a Sunday service from your home please feel welcome to join us at the Calvary Motul Facebook page Sunday mornings at 10am Central time.  On Sundays, for the moment, I still teach in English and use a translator.  This may change due to the level of lock down we will experience in the future. But we would love to have you join us.