MARCH 2019



Soon at our Sunday services, we will be starting a 3rd age group for Sunday school.  We have seen the need to separate the older kids from the younger when it comes to their time with being taught the Bible.  We have the elder in our church planning out the details and next month we will be starting this new age group.  Soon we will have the nursery (up to age 4), younger kids (5-9) and older kids (10-13).  A few guys from the church have stepped up to volunteer and be a part of the teaching team.  It’s always a blessing seeing the body serve!


Our boys, Noah & Caleb, will soon be finishing their school for the year.  It seems to be in perfect timing as we will then have more free time to be working over at the new property once they are done.  We can’t believe that Noah will be finishing 5th grade and entering into middle school!  He has started serving with Len at the café on Wednesday nights and coming home proud to say he is making frappes on his own for the customers.  He also scored his first goal at his soccer game!  We are praying now for Noah to start inviting his friends from the soccer team to church.  Caleb has done great in school.  He has surprised us all with his ability to read and spell.  We are so proud of them both.

We have made a lot of progress this month on the new property.  We needed to run all new lines for electricity as well as install new outlets and switches.  Because the walls are made out of rock, this meant chiseling out paths to install the new wires.  We also had a team that came for 2 days to help with the new property.  They were able to break down one of our old outdoor rock walls and use those rocks for some of the foundation for the future.  It was a blessing to have them.  


Our list is still long for the things to get done and ready for the new property and we only have 6 weeks left before moving, but we are trusting the Lord for His provision not only with the funds needed, but also for the labor that needs to be accomplished in this short time.  The church is excited as they themselves are giving and helping with Calvary Motul’s future home.

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Here are just some of the things that we hope to get accomplished this next month:

Finish electrical work

Install lighting & fans

Install exterior doors

Install interior doors

Install windows


Rebuild wall

Rebuild water system from well

Progress on front exterior


If you would like to donate to help the church with these costs, you can go to our NEEDS or SUPPORT pages above,

or just use PayPal directly to: [email protected]                                          

Please keep us in your prayers as we will be working hard to get everything done as well as continuing to with our regular responsibilities with the café and church ministry.