MARCH 2018

We had two half day visits from 2 different teams this month.  The first was the Calvary Boca adult team.  They were able to come and prep all of our land in the backyard of the church to be able get ready for new sod.  We were grateful for so many hands to tackle this job in the heat.  We were also blessed by someone who paid for the grass and water system we put together and the grass was laid down. Now the kids of the Sunday school are enjoying it greatly.  They also came out a second time that week and held a one-night conference for our church.  They had different members of the team share their testimonies.  It was super encouraging for our church.  Afterward we had a time eating dinner as everyone brought something to share to eat.  The second team was a group of youth from Texarkana.  They were able to help us deep clean some things in the café, finish sealing the wall in the kitchen, and many of them worked on a water-proofing project on the roof.


As Natalie started her weekly prayer time with 2 different women in church back in December, she met with them for their last time on the last Monday of this month.  As she encouraged them to continue to be disciplined to have these times of prayer with the Lord on their own, she presented them each with their own leather-bound Bible and journal.  We will continue to pray for these ladies as they each have their hardships and following Jesus is not an easy road for them.



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Caleb had his first soccer game.  All dressed in his uniform, he followed his coach and team members far to the other side of the field to warm up.  We are grateful for this opportunity for him to play sports here and for his coach to be so patient with him as Caleb is not only learning to play soccer but learning to speak Spanish as well.

The last event we just celebrated was Easter.  Technically it was on April 1st, but we had to include it in this month’s update.  We started the morning by getting everything ready at church a couple hours before the service start time.  We saw many people out in the center and many speakers set up.  There was one group of speakers set up right across the street from the church blasting music and someone talking as he announced.  This event was not spiritual, but political.  This year we are having a new mayor for the city of Motul.  So, this big event was all about politics and the new mayor.  We were hoping that somehow by the time we started church that the congregation would be able to hear the sermon.  Two hours later, when Natalie finished leading the time of worship, the streets were calm and Len began to teach the Easter service.  No matter what, God is always good.  The children in Sunday school enjoyed a scavenger hunt in which they learned that the cross is empty because Jesus is alive.  Most of the crosses you see here, because of the Catholic religion, you see Jesus on them.  They made beautiful (empty) crosses for their craft that morning.

That afternoon we all gathered together again at an events center that had a pool for our Easter baptism.  We were so excited as we know those that got baptized and their stories.  For some of them, this step for them to get baptized came at a cost.  It was a big deal.  We are so proud of them for standing for Christ and continuing in their faith.  Our son was one of them.  Noah, almost age 10, decided to get baptized this day.  We are so proud of who he is in Christ and what the Lord is doing in his life.  After the baptism time, we all shared lunch together.  Many jumped in the pool and had fun.  All ages played together and we fellowshipped for hours.  This is the body of Christ.