MARCH 2017

At the beginning of March, we were finishing out with our last week of furlough in South Florida.  Our time with family, friends, and sharing at different places was great.  We are thankful for the time we had back, the hospitality we were shown, and are grateful for the people here in Motul who carried on all the responsibilities so we could have that time away.


The next day after we returned to Motul, one of the ladies of the church had her baby!  He was a healthy baby boy.  Within 24 hours, she returned home from the hospital and Natalie had the chance to hold him as she visited.  We asked the church if they could help out by making dinners and bringing it to them during their first week home.  Although this wasn’t really a cultural thing, it was a Christian thing, and many responded.  The family, with the newborn, all came to church that weekend!


Mark & Gosia, missionaries that have been serving with us, had to exit the country to renew their visas so they went to Cuba.  During that trip, Mark proposed to Gosia for marriage.  We all were so excited to hear the news when they returned



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As the Lord provided for us during our time of furlough with financial support to be able to rent a house, we started looking as soon as we came back.  During Natalie’s morning runs, she would take her phone with her to take any pictures of any places she saw for rent.  In the afternoons, we would all hop in the church van and ride around searching.  But here, there isn’t much advertisement; it’s more of word of mouth.  So we asked some people from the church to keep a look out and let us know if they hear anything.  Two days later, someone from the church came to the café and asked us to walk with him to go look at a house.  We all left and met the owner and took a look around inside.  After 5 minutes, we knew we wanted it.  So we signed the contact for renting that house that same night.  It is only 1 block away from the church and has a lot of space.  The first week we worked diligently to get it ready to move in as neither the water nor electricity was working.  But we got things worked out and we moved out from living in the back of the church!  The boys just love the new house.  We were really blessed by the church helping us clean and then helping us move. We are also excited to get the rooms (our old bedrooms at the church) ready for Sunday school.  We will be splitting up the babies and toddlers from the older kids.  Please pray that the Lord will put it on the hearts of those in the body to help and volunteer on Sundays for this ministry.

We had an event open to the public while a mission team came to us one Sunday night.  The leader of the team was a doctor in biology as well as a pastor.  He spoke on the existence of God and had a unique prospective because of his position.  We had many new people come out as well as many from the church came to hear.


This Sunday Len will be teaching on baptism.  We will be having a baptism on Easter Sunday.  We pray that many who decided to follow Jesus this past year will choose to get baptized.  Please pray for those in the body to be encouraged and receive understanding as they hear the Biblical truths about what it means to be baptized.


We are sad to announce that Gosia had to leave us.  She had some family matters to attend to back in her home country, Poland, and left here just this past Thursday.  We will all miss her greatly.  She was such a big help to the café ministry and the Sunday school.  Mark too, will be leaving soon.  He will be finishing out the current course of English classes and will be leaving at the end of April.  Please pray for the Lord to put on the hearts of new missionaries to come and help with the ministry here.  Please contact us if you’re interested.

One night we were invited to go over someone’s house for dinner.  This single mom and daughter are from our church and just recently got saved in January.  The mom works for 14 days straight and then gets one day off.  They had a small table, with two chairs, and they had two little triangle camping chairs they offered us as they stood during dinner.  The mom prepared the best chicken we ever had here in the Yucatan on one electric burner.  No fridge, no stove, no oven.  She has to buy whatever they eat that day when she comes home from work.  And they had no lights in the one bedroom they share – just a light bulb you plug into the wall.  When you needed to use the restroom, she unplugged it and then took it to the bathroom to plug in there for light.  We were humbled and felt so much love from this family.  Please pray for the mom’s work schedule.  Because she works for two weeks straight and then gets only one day off, she can’t come to church.  We have been praying that the Lord will provide for her and that something will change so she can come to service.  We have it on our hearts to buy her a refrigerator. If the Lord puts it on your heart to help financially with this, please visit our NEEDS page and you will see that item for purchase.