MARCH 2015

We started this month with being in the middle of the trial of having no car.   It was a total of 12 days and it was an adventure walking everywhere.  Caleb had a blast going grocery shopping with Mommy and having his own little shopping cart.  The car was expensive to get fixed, as we found out there were more things wrong that needed fixing, but praise God that He provided financially more than we even needed.  It has been running great since then and we certainly appreciate having a vehicle with a/c in it, as now it is getting hotter.  It is starting to reach 100 degrees quite a few days each week now.  Natalie sleeps most nights in her hammock because it is much cooler in temperature sleeping that way.  


And with the heat also come all of the bugs.  The ticks never really went away, but they seem to be catching a ride on our dogs several times a day now. A couple weeks ago, Caleb came out of his room scared saying that he saw a lizard.  After much searching, we found a poisonous centipede that had blue legs slithering under his bed.  Who knew?  And the other night, after we came home from church, we walked into the boys’ room to get ready to put them to bed.  Their toys were scattered all over their floor rug a mess.  Natalie was looking at what seemed like a rubber insect that was lying upside down in the middle of the plastic figurines of Batman and Captain America.  She then asked Len if the boys got a rubber insect toy from school or something.  Len came in to look for himself and then turned around to grab his pliers.  Once he picked it up by its tail that was curled up, the insect that had seemed to be dead was very much alive.  Yeah, it was a scorpion.  Apparently, when they sleep or rest, they tuck their legs up and curl their tails.  He was able to take it outside and kill it as opposed to the last one we found in our kitchen last year that he blow torched!












In March we had a baptism in the pool at the Bible college campus.  We were able to see many young men and women be baptized that morning.  Some of them are a part of the young adult ministry that we have on Friday nights.  We have had the new young adults from the worship band auditions join and start playing in the worship this month.  There was such joy in their faces when they played for their first time.  We are very excited to have them not only be a part of leading the worship, but also the discipleship with our once-a-month home Bible studies.  One of the kids from the church discipleship program “Mathetes” just recently graduated from being a part of one year.  Our family took him out to celebrate his faithfulness and completion and presented him with an award Natalie had made.  He and his grandma seemed very grateful.














Our boys’ Spanish vocabulary is continuing to increase.  Just recently, Caleb took a lot of his cars and was putting them all in a row in the living room.  Then he said, “Tada!  En fila!” but we didn’t know what he said.  As Len was trying to look up what he said to see if it was Spanish, Noah walks into the room and says, “Oh, that means ‘line up’.”  Our boys know words we don’t even know!  Noah’s class from school performed a song in their chapel a couple weeks ago.  You can see it if you click the link below.  He also is continuing to do great as quarterback on his flag football team.  Click the link below to see some of his highlights.



We had two teams in March.  The first one from Boca Calvary stayed here in Merida most of the time as they worked and labored at the Bible College.  The second team that came from Texarkana Calvary went to several different Calvary Chapels.  They were a team of high school seniors and were prepared to perform a 20-minute drama.  In the city of Panaba, they had a crowd near 250 people on the street!


This past month we were able to Skype and connect with so many.  It has been such a blessing to see so many of our friends and family, to hear what’s new, and to share what’s going on over here, even if it’s through a computer screen.  If we haven’t connected with you yet and you want to Skype or Facetime us, please send us an e-mail or fb message to set it up!  We would love to hear from you.  Len will be in Florida for a few days this month.  The 6th graders from the CCA school here take a trip every year to visit Fort Lauderdale Calvary Chapel, both the school and the church, and they spend some time up in Orlando as well.  Len will be going as one of the adult leaders.  He will be in Fort Lauderdale from April 15-19.  If you want to contact him, the best way is through facebook or imessage.


There is a new church plant about to happen and our family is looking to be a part of it!  The missionary family here, the Aguayos, will be starting a new Calvary Chapel in the center part of Merida.  We are currently looking to fix up a building and get the first service rolling by mid May.  There is a lot of work to do and a lot of prayer needed.  We ask you to pray for us with our involvement, for the Aguayo family and the Lord’s leading in every way with this new church plant.


We are praying as a family to take a couple weeks off in June to be refreshed and to seek the Lord on His direction with our family in this next year.  A pastor and his wife in Idaho, missionaries Natalie grew up and served with in Russia, invited us to come stay with them and attend a mission’s conference.  We are praying for the Lord to show us His will in this decision to go or not and that He would provide the funds to go if it pleases Him.


Len teaching at one of the

mission churches on Palm Sunday