JUNE 2020


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Cristobal was the third named storm of 2020 in the Atlantic. On June 1st, we started getting the effects of the tropical storm.  It hovered over our peninsula for almost a week. At one point it rained 30 hours straight with no break.  They say that we received 25% of our year’s worth of rain in those 5 days!  We didn’t have much wind, but there was a lot of flooding from all the rain.  After all of the work we had done to help with the rain problems that we had last month with the new sanctuary, it helped a great deal; but after 3 days of steady rain the repairs we made could no longer withstand the rains and the floods. The new drainage systems and drain field we installed were saturated and the rains started to enter.  Still, after day 3 of the storm, there was nowhere the water could go but up.  Once again, our new sanctuary flooded, but we had to wait until the storm passed and it stopped raining for the flooding to recede before we could start pushing the water out.  We were praying that there would be no permanent damage.  The church café also flooded.  Our drainage pipes on the roof got clogged with leaves during the storm and so the roof started to retain a lot of water (the roofs are flat here).  The water continued to rise and ended up coming in through where one of the air conditionings were installed and flooded the café.  At our own house, we were just hours away from placing sandbags in front of our door, but thankful to God, we didn’t need to.


The cleanup was a lot, but in the end, there was no permanent damage.  We are very grateful to God for His protection as many others had it a lot worse.  We are praying for lots of sunny days to dry everything up, as it has been three weeks since the storm and we still have issues with mildew.  We are seeing the effects of the moisture as we go daily to the church property to wipe down the walls because of mildew growing.  Everyone (including us) seems to have problems with mildew from this storm.  We have now entered into the rainy season – we just hope we get a little break so the walls and ground can completely dry up first.

This month we were able to complete Len’s office with getting the tile laid down and the walls painted along with his furniture moved back in that has been in our house for the past year!  We also were able to paint the exterior walls of the sanctuary with 2 coats of a waterproofing paint.  We hope this will help greatly with the raining season and keeping the moisture from coming through the walls.

We also celebrated our 6-year anniversary of being here in Mexico.

You can check out the video below to see the great things the Lord has done in this past year here in Motul.

Recently, Len attended a pastors’ meeting that the mayor called; this was a great opportunity for the pastors to step up and express their concerns. While it was a closed-door meeting and we cannot give all the details that were discussed, we can say this: Len was not pleased with the overall response from the pastors and the doors of churches will remain closed. But now we know we need to pray harder and more light has been shed on why God sent us to Motul.