JUNE 2018

We started this month by welcoming Silas back.  Even though it was only for 10 days, it was good to have him again.  The church was happy to see him and he was a blessing as he helped in the café and even taught the Foundations of Faith class on Thursday night.



The church had its first guys night.  A bunch of meat to eat, a guy’s movie and a devotion was the schedule of events.  Many guys came out to it and had a great time.  The following week we had a volunteer appreciation night for all that serve in the church.  We have 10 families that serve in the church and just about every person was able to come.  They enjoyed a plate of homemade desserts and appetizers as they had a time of fellowship and received a word of encouragement.  We are so blessed to have so many good families that come and serve faithfully.

We had a 24-hr. visit from John, the missions director at Calvary Ft. Laud, and his son.  Our boys enjoyed playing with John’s son the whole time he was here.  Len was able to show John around the city of Motul and even some future buildings that we have been praying about.  They were able to stay for the Sunday morning service and meet all of the church.  After service we had a potluck as everyone brought food to share.  It was a great time of fellowship and we are so grateful that John got to see some of the ministry here firsthand.


Many of you have read about the battle we have been going through with renewing the boys’ temporary residency cards.  At one point it seemed that the immigration was going to deny the whole process due to an address conflict.  We prayed, many of you prayed, and God answered.  We are still in the process, but after talking with our lawyer, we should be completed with this application process in 3-4 weeks.  Keep praying, because it is not over!


Noah and Caleb started school back up this month.  They had just the month of May off after finishing their last school grades.  We started early because there will be other times during the year that they will need off due to teams, VBS, and furlough.  They are continuing to play on their soccer teams and even the last game Noah had, Caleb was asked to play with Noah’s team because they were short a player.  It was so neat to see our sons play on the same team together.


Earlier this month we were told by the city that we needed to take our Calvary sign down and repaint the front of our building by the end of the month.  Everyone in the center was asked the same.  They are wanting to improve the look of the center and so the colors were already picked out.  As much as Natalie loves to paint, the height of the front of the church building is just too high – 27 feet.  So, we hired a company to get it done and we met the deadline.


In the last week of this month we welcomed Gabe, a 17. year old who came to serve with us this summer for 6 weeks.  We knew him back when he was in middle school and we both served in the youth ministry.  We had a missions home group that met once a month at our home and he was one of the youth that was a part of it.  We are so grateful for the help as we are now preparing to receive 2 teams in July.  Please keep the ministry here in your prayers.  Both teams are from Calvary Boca High School Ministry.  The first team will be here July 2-9 and the second, July 16-23.  At the end of July, we will host our 5-day VBS.  This next month will be full to the max with ministry.  Please pray for our health, our safety, our preparations, and for us to be led by the Holy Spirit no matter what.