JUNE 2015

This was the first time the boys saw mountains, and they never got old.  We were warmly welcomed into the pastor’s home to stay with him and his wife for our entire two weeks.  The fellowship was deep through the late nights; it was sweet and so encouraging.  The weather was such a refreshing change as it was in the 40’s in the morning and 70’s in the afternoon the first week there.  Amazing.



We attended the 3-day mission conference that Calvary Chapel Pocatello hosted.  We took a lot of notes, got to share a little bit ourselves, and had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Jeff Jackson, head of Shepherd’s Staff.  As we have been seeking the Lord for the past few months on His call for our family, this conference and time spent with the other missionaries and pastors was just what we needed.  There was also another missionary family, Ron & Pam, that we knew from way long ago that we got to spend a few times with as well.  One Wednesday night the pastor let us have a take-over with the entire service!  Natalie led worship and Len taught the service that night.  What a privilege.  There were both old and new friends that we had such good times with.And, of course, we got to have some vacation time as well.

A day later, after Len returned from Texas, he went to Cancun to go pick up the team from Calvary Boca.  This team were very hard workers and a joy to be around.  They helped a lot with the painting in the new church in Centro and then later ministered in another city, Panaba.  This was the last team that was scheduled for this summer, and we think this next month will be the first time since Christmas that we will have no trips or teams scheduled.


School is still in session; we have 1 more week until we’re finished!  Noah had a big last project to present this week at school.  He had to do a report on bees.  Both his poster and speech presentation needed to be in English and in Spanish.  He did great and we are so very proud of him.  We are looking forward to our summer break, even though it will be shorter than we are use to.


Natalie has her last class this Friday with her high school advanced English students.  They will be coming over to our house to spend some time sharing their thoughts on the last book they read, Bruchko, and also celebrating by watching a movie in English.  Natalie has enjoyed the friendships that she has made with these 5 kids.  In the beginning of the year, only 2 of them were involved in attending and serving in the youth nights.  Now all 5 of them come and serve and are a part of our home group.  We are so grateful that we have been able to be a part of this chapter of their lives.


We are continuing to help with the beginning start of the church in the Centro with Robert Aguayo’s family.  Natalie is continuing in helping develop the worship ministry, as 3 new people are joining this month.  She also will be leading worship 2 different times this month.  Our boys enjoy going to the first service especially because their Sunday school is in English.


There are some big changes coming up soon with our family and ministry and we hope to send a mid-month update this month to those that receive our e-mails.  If you would like to be put on our e-mail list, please just send us a quick note to: [email protected]

Someone in the body blessed us with letting us use their car for our entire time – what a blessing!  So one day we drove our family up to Yellowstone National Park for the day.  We saw bison, elk, Old Faithful, hot mud springs as we got to walk on many nature trails.  We also enjoyed a few different days just hiking up the mountains exploring.  We got to go to the zoo with Caleb’s (the senior pastor’s son) family one day as well as a few other days at the park.  We enjoyed eating at Chick-fil-A, shopping at TJMaxx & Ross, being able to go to the store and buy regular non-spicy Doritos, Mountain Dew and Yoohoo.  We had a really great time, the Lord showed us a lot and we were really blessed every day we were there.  But at the end of our time there, we were ready to come home.


It was no quicker returning with our travel back, but when we arrived back home at 2:30 in the morning, Len only had a few hours to return to the airport to fly back out to the States.  While we were in Idaho, we were told from those are handling our visa situation that Len needed to go to the Mexican Consulate in El Paso, Texas by June 26 or all of the processing that has been done up to this point would be expired.  So he flew back out that afternoon.  He was gone three days and got all of the paperwork he needed.  We are still not through with all of this he now needs to go to somewhere here in Merida to finish everything up.  Once his visa is complete, then Natalie and the boys will start their process.  Wow.  Please continue to keep this visa process in your prayers for it to finalized with no complications.

I - Len teaching


On June 1, early in the morning, we were dropped off at the bus station in downtown Merida.  We took the 5-hr. bus ride to Cancun to then take a taxi to our hotel.  Our plane left at 8:30am the next day.  After 2 flights to make it to Salt Lake City, we were then cheerfully greeted by our missionary friends, Jeff & Christina, who drove from Idaho to pick us up.  We then headed back with them to their home in Pocatello, Idaho that was 2 ½ hours away but wow, the view was amazing.

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1st YEAR


Noah's Bee Presentation