JULY 2018

What a month.  We were so privileged to meet up with Randy & Kim Grebe.  They serve on the O.M. Logos Hope Ship.  It’s been traveling from port to port for the last few months but it’s last stop was in Progresso, a city only an hour away from us in the same state of Yucatan.  We kept in touch before their arrival and we arranged to pick them up for an afternoon.  We took them back here to Motul and they were able to see the place where we have the church and café and hear some updates on the ministry here.  It’s been too long since we last saw them, so it was such good fellowship to be with them once again even if it was just for a short time.



We started on July 2nd of receiving our first of two teams from Boca Calvary High School Ministry.  All 25 of them flew in to serve with us for 8 days.  We started off the week with the team packing ministry bags of food to take to some poor areas in Motul.  The team made lists and went out into the market and bought enough to fill 25 bags.  Later on, some from our church joined us as we took little motor taxis down to the neighborhood where we would be ministering.  We split into groups and went door to door offering the bags of groceries to families.  Many times we were able to pray with them.  Some we were able to bless with shoes that we had donated to us.  We invited everyone to come later that evening to the local park to have fun with their kids.  There were many kids and families that night and we were able to continue to build a relationship with them.


The next day we were able to talk about some of the homes we saw that could use an extra hand in helping clean up their yard whether it came to picking up the trash or clearing their yard that was full of weeds. A day later we returned to the same neighborhood and set up a time to come back with their permission to bless them in this way.  One home Natalie went to with a group found that the grandma was sick and had been lying in her hammock for days not able to get up and get around.  The mom also had her grandson in the hospital with pneumonia and her son with a sickness causing blood in his throat.  They laid hands on the grandma and prayed for her healing; they also prayed for the son and grandson in the hospital.  When they finished praying, one of the family members brought in a bowl of rice and asked them to pray for a blessing on it as they were about to take to the hospital for the 1 yr. old grandson to eat. When we returned the next day to bless them with working in their yards, they shared with us at the grandma was better and also that the son had been released from the hospital!  We rented a truck to take away all of their garbage.  This was a huge blessing for them as most of them don’t have garbage service.  Most burn their trash, and if it doesn’t burn, it will just sit in their yard for years.  As many times that we were able to visit this neighborhood, we saw the fruit because so many came not only to a craft night for kids we had at the end of the week, but also to church on Sunday.

On the last night the team was here, they hosted a married couples’ dinner at the church.  One of the leaders on the team was a professional chef and so he cooked a delicious parmesan chicken dinner along with a tasty dessert for the 8 couples that attended.  The team served us all as we sat at a beautiful set table in the church café.  They also made sure our kids had a blast in the back so we could enjoy the night with our spouses.  It was not only a blessing to the church, but to us personally as well.

We only had one week in between to catch our breath and get ready for the second team.  We all were experiencing spiritual attacks before this next team came so we knew incredible things were going to happen.  This high school ministry had so much interest in this missions’ trip to Motul that they had to split the team into two trips.  So, one week later after the first team, the second team of 27 people came.  With this team we were able to reach a different neighborhood and bless them with bags of groceries and shoes and then reconnect with them that same night at a park in their neighborhood.  We also had a soccer competition that was scheduled later that week through Caleb & Noah’s soccer coach.  There was a team put together with the youth that were on the team and they played in a tournament along with 8 different teams on the soccer field with an official referee.  In the end, one of the local teams won, but we had someone from our church share the gospel message at the end.

We had rented a 50-passenger bus and a van and we loaded 60+ people (from our church and the team) as we drove to the city Progresso to take a tour on the Logos Hope ship.  Randy blessed us greatly by getting us all passes to come on the ship (to pass the line of thousands!!!) and to give us all tours.  Randy said that day there were 8,908 people that visited the ship that day.  The kids also enjoyed a show in the theatre.  Some from our church even took off work to be able to come with us that day.  It was a great experience and we were so thankful for our church to have that opportunity.

The last day the team was here was our Sunday service.  We were able to bring Randy Grebe and three others from the Logos Hope ship to come and be a part of our church service.  Randy spent some time with the kids doing his gospel tricks and having his talking bird Dodo speak.  Then for the main service they all shared with us their stories and Randy shared some Scripture.


That night we hosted a marriage conference.  It was kind of like part 2 from the married couples’ dinner.  All of the couples returned as they heard a message from Mike Rust about the 5 love languages and then from Len about love and respect.  To see our church be blessed by having these opportunities to be ministered to is so amazing.  With both teams we had a night where the team would divide into small groups of 3 or 4 and go to someone’s house from our church to eat dinner with them.  The team gets to know the body more and the body gets to hear their stories.  These nights are always a highlight for everyone.


After the second team left, we had two teenagers from the team stay behind.  A brother and sister (whose parents are good friends with us) stayed an extra two weeks to experience what it is like on the mission field when a team is not here and to help us with our VBS.  You’ll hear about the VBS in our August update, but wow, God is moving and many are feeling it!