JULY 2019


This month we hosted the HSM Boca Team for one week.  We focused a lot of our time of ministry in one of the poor neighborhoods here in Motul.  We started by making food bags and going door to door meeting families, offering them a bag of food, and praying for their needs.  That same night we had a park outreach in their neighborhood.  We had a great turn out with families coming and the kids enjoying face painting, animal balloons and playing some sports.  Then later in the week we also revisited some homes and showed them the love of Jesus by pulling weeds, painting, giving their little girls some brad new dresses, and cleaning up the neighborhood park.  We pray that the witness of God’s love impacted this community.  There is a couple from our church here that has a little convenient store in that neighborhood.  We pray that they will continue to be a light and share the good news of the gospel to the people.

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We have been continuing working hard on the new sanctuary project all month long.  With a few days of the team’s help while they were here, we were able to move a lot of dump trucks’ worth of material to the back of the property.  Everything has to be done by hand so there has been lots of hard work and sweat!  We will soon have our VBS in which we are trying to have enough ground floor finished off in order to host 160 max. kids + adult volunteers.  We have only until August 4 to have it good enough.  Please pray for us and the construction workers as we press on to try to reach completion in time for VBS!


We also had a children’s event held at the church.  This was the first big outreach we have held at the new church property.  The team had crafts, animal balloons, and face painting all offered for free to the kids.  This was also the first official opening night of the fair which was being held in the city center.  But still we had over 200 people come through our doors that night.  That next Sunday morning we had 3 new families come to church!  Praise the Lord!

The last event we held with the team was for our volunteers.  It was a night of appreciation held at a rental facility that had a large pavilion and pool.  We grilled a LOT of meat and had a big spread for everyone to make their own tacos.  The people of our church were really blessed as it was a great time of food, fellowship and fun in the pool.

During the last week of July, Natalie has been having meetings every day with the different volunteer teams for VBS in order to prepare and equip them for their responsibilities.  We ended with a night in which everyone could come out and help prepare all of the craft materials for the VBS week.  Over 2000 items needed to be cut!  We had a great turn out and we got everything done in only 2 hours!  Currently we have 51 kids pre-registered for VBS. Online pre-registration is not really the culture here, but we are trying something new this year.  So, we are expecting about triple that number.  We won’t know for sure until the first day of VBS as we are expecting most of kids to be walk-ins.  The max we can hold is 160 kids.  Please pray that the numbers will be sufficient and we will not have to turn anyone away!  This is our biggest outreach every year and we pray that through this week, families will be drawn to the love of Christ and will come to know Him personally.

As the floor soon will be poured in the new church sanctuary, we had a special night in which the church was invited to come and be a part.  Len shared his heart on how this church is built on the foundation of Jesus Christ.  We wrapped up a Bible and placed it into the foundation of the ground of the new sanctuary and covered it with fresh concrete.  All that enter this sanctuary will pass over the word of God.  It’s a reminder that people do not come to this place to hear any one person speak.  They come to listen to the Word of God.  We took that moment to remember that for always the Bible, the Word of God, will be a part of this church.