JULY 2017

The month of July has been incredible. As I reflect over the past 3 years of living and doing ministry here, I think this month I was most blessed by the ministry God allowed us to do and be a part of.  Let’s say that I am a very proud and grateful pastor. Here’s why - our church is growing; but not in just numbers but in depth.  Our mission statement at Calvary Motul is “Know, Grow and Share” (it actually sounds a lot cooler in Spanish). So for the next foreseeable future this is our direction for the church.  And everyone at Calvary Motul is stepping up. We just had our first VBS as a church. I made the announcement at church that we were going to go wide with announcing the VBS. In doing so we were going to need help, people willing to serve, and that is just what happen. So many came out to serve, to help and share the love of Jesus. As you watch the videos and look at the pics, I want you to notice two things. First the joy on the faces of the kids, and second, the joy on the faces of the people serving them.



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So about our VBS, it was incredible and miracles happened. I wanted to go all out for our VBS. I wanted to bless these kids here in Motul, Mexico. So we had asked people in our last update to pray and to help financially if possible. And people did both. God placed the call on people’s hearts and they responded. From the amount given to the total amount that was spent on VBS was a three-dollar difference. The Lord really is the perfect provider, giving us just what we needed. Second, we had close to fifty kids attend the VBS. The morning would start with some minute-to-win-it games, a video recap of the day before (the kids loved looking for themselves in the videos), we’d learn a new song along with dance moves, a Bible lesson, craft, group game activity, and lunch every day. Volunteers from the local church would teach the songs and teach the Bible lessons. Natalie did the first song only and I did the last teaching only. Early one morning, our family and everyone that was serving came to the church for our early morning devo and prayer time only to see we had no electricity, the entire block was out. We knew what to pray for that day - electricity. God delivered; the event started at 9am and we had power at 8:30am, the event ended at 1pm and then we lost power at 2pm. Answered prayer. These kids are hungry; many of them responded to the loving message of the Gospel as Natalie and I shared about Jesus during the Bible stories. Many prayed those last two days to receive the gift of salvation through Jesus. My final statement to them was Super Heroes save the day, but Jesus saves us for eternity.

written by Len

Because of the VBS we had an opportunity to invite families to come visit the church.  We had some from our church have their family members come for the first time, family members that we have been praying for a long time.  In total we had 70 people in church this last Sunday. I pray this would be the start of what a relationship with Jesus could be as compared to religion.


Also, just before our VBS we had the HSM team from CC Boca come to visit. When the team was here we were all blessed by their hard work, but before they left, the team blessed Calvary Motul with a construction gift. Right away we knew what to do with the funds because we have been praying for a roof to go over the patio area behind the church for quite some time. You will probably notice it in the videos. It was a lot of hard work getting it installed, but it was worth it to see it used so quickly.

Earlier this month we had our first visit to the immigration office in Merida for our boys to apply for their temporary residency cards.  I decided to let Natalie go inside with the boys since my prior visits didn’t go too well when we applied for ours.  As Natalie went through the second door, she sat down to wait for her turn and saw that her appointment was with the same lady that I had last time and was so mean to me. Natalie prayed silently that the Lord would be with her and give her favor. The appointment was a miracle. The lady was helpful, passed all of our papers, and we were able to complete the first step without anything getting kicked back.  So today I went back to return for the second visit and find that I need to return tomorrow for another large payment.  But it definitely seems that we have favor this time round so far and we will keep praying that we will be able to obtain their cards successfully and in a timely manner.  Keep praying, it’s not over.


Funny (not really) missionary story. So my level of Spanish is growing quickly; but the more you learn the more you realize you can improve what you say and how you say it. In preparation for the VBS, Alex was cutting the church’s perfectly lush green grass. When, according to him, out jumps a giant tarantula; Alex said it was the size of his hand. I thought he was just scared, but nonetheless, I did not want any problems with the kids and spiders during the VBS. So with all confidence I marched down to the local poison store and say, “Necesito insectida para cesped.” (I need insecticide of my grass). My Spanish isn’t perfect and I have an American accent on most words; locals can pick up on my accent in a moment. So the storeowner thought he was helping me when he thought I said - necesito herbicida para mi cesped, that translates to - I need herbicide for my grass. There is a big difference in insecticide and herbicide.  One kills bugs and one kills all vegetation.      

Well, after spaying the grass extra well because I didn’t want to have any insect problems, the grass wasn’t looking so good. I then read the small print on the bottle to learn it was herbicide. So all the beautiful grass was dead in a matter of hours.  Mission field lesson learned and not a single kid complained that the grass was brown and dead nor did we have any tarantulas.


So what’s next?  

Our next event will be in-reach focused as the babies keep coming; its time for our first baby dedication and we have a few more people in the church that desired to be baptized. We will also focus on sharing and inviting people to church as we will follow as God calls us to get the word out. In my heart I feel there are so many people in our city that would want to attend a good church but have been hurt by religion over and over. So they think all churches are the same. It is my desire to let the people know there is a safe place for them to go and simply learn about the Bible and grow in their faith. So please join us in prayer and we “ know, grow and share” as a church.