JULY 2015



Our next season has already begun.  On July 24, we paid the first month’s rent for the building in Motul.

For those of you that don’t know the beginning of this story, you can read it here:

For the last two weeks we have been working on the building getting it ready to move into.  Renting a building here is quite different than the states.  They are far from being ‘move-in ready.’  Electricity wires are removed, any ac units that were once there are stripped, no oven or fridge, no fans, many ceiling lights are takenand there are a lot of repairs and construction that are needed such as plumbing, tearing down walls, drywall, installing doors and windows then there’s painting and cleaning and clearing out the overgrown backyard.  Once the bedrooms are complete and we have a shower installed, we will be able to move in and then work around the clock. There is one missionary here who is partnering with us and has been such a huge blessing to us and to this new ministry.  

We couldn’t be doing this without him.  Thank You, Jesus!

In the middle of all of this, we had a birthday to celebrate.  All the boys in our family took Natalie to Cenote Huykun which is about a 2 ½ hr. drive away.  Even though it is very common to go to a cenote here, and the teams almost visit one every time, Natalie has never seen one underground.  It was beautiful and well worth the drive.  The water was freezing cold so we only went in waist-high standing on a wooden deck.  There were tons of catfish swimming in the water next to us.  It was a lovely day.

We started off the first 2 weeks of July with a lot of things coming to an end.  The boys finished school.  We are so proud of them.  We also both finished teaching our classes at the school as well.  July 10 was the official last day of school here for elementary; and then school starts up back again in August.  But as we have already announced, we will be homeschooling both of our boys this next school year.  They are very excited about it.  We have all of our books and we will just have a couple more weeks of summer break and will be starting their next year education.


Another season that has come to an end is our ministry here with Calvary Chapel Merida.  We are so grateful for our time here and we know that the Lord has used it to help prepare us for the next chapter in our lives.  It was a bittersweet last night at the Influencia youth service. Afterward in our home, we had such a precious time with those that serve with us.  Natalie made American-style tacos for dinner and we had a great time of fellowship.  We shared something about each one of them of how we have seen them grow, a word of encouragement, and some memories.  We will surely miss these guys.

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We are praying that God will move in hearts to start help supporting this new church plant / coffee house.  We are so excited about it, but to be transparent, it can become weary at times when the money runs dry and you still see the need and projects unfinished.  We are continuing to move, work, and buy what is needed by faith and praying the Lord provides as He has given us this call.  Our hope is to be moved in there sometime this month.  The people of Motul are so sweet and we can’t wait to share the love of Jesus with them.


On September 22, we will be returning to Florida for a 4-week furlough.  Our goal is to travel statewide to share at different churches and home groups about this new ministry in Motul and raise support for finances, prayer, and have future mission teams to come over and help.  We have a need of transportation when we are there.  Please pray that the Lord would connect someone with us that would let us borrow a car so we can get around.  We will be posting our schedule next month of where we will be so hopefully we can get a chance to see everyone while we’re there.  If you want to get together with us on a more personal note, like have us over for dinner :)

or something, than just drop us a note to our email and let us know.



If the Lord puts it on your heart to give, we wanted to tell you practically what some of the needs are so you know how the it will be used to help start this new ministry.

Things we need yet to purchase:

dry wall



plumbing costs


ac units

flooring, tv, toys, and dvds for cafe kids' playroom

front and back counter and sink for cafe

coffee appliances

coffee supplies

Monthly support needed to raise:

$500 for rent

$150 for electricity & water