What a year this will be.  This year we will continue to refurbish the existing building at the new property.

This year we will move out of our current rented property and into the new property.

This year we will pay off the new property and have complete ownership.  And this year we will build a new sanctuary?  We need $30,000 (USD) to completely build the sanctuary building that will be built at the back of the new property.

We continue to trust in the Lord as He has already brought us this far and every step has been in faith.

This year we will witness more salvations, baptisms, spiritual growth, and we pray families will be restored.

At the beginning of the month, we began to complete all of the preparations for our upcoming furlough.  It takes a lot of planning to be able to leave the church, the café, and all of the ministries fully running for an entire month.  Schedules, shopping, training... we are so thankful for the body of Christ who will be faithfully serving in our absence.  Natalie had many baking days before our departure as she needed to bake enough supply of baked goods to freeze for the café ministry for an entire month.  Also, a week before we left for our furlough, Calvary Motul celebrated its first wedding.          Len officiated the ceremony and many from the church came to witness two from our church get married.

On January 14, we flew over to Fort Lauderdale to begin our furlough.  We had great friends host us for the 10 days we were in South Florida.  We were able to meet with friends and speak to churches and share all that the Lord is doing in Motul.  We then headed north and had time with Calvary Chapel Villages.  We were super blessed by the body there and were so excited to share with them the most recent news about the church’s new property.


Currently we are spending time with family before we head back to Mexico.  Some of our family we haven’t seen in two years and are excited to spend time with them.  Please pray for our health and safety; also, please pray that through this time of rest that the Lord would use it to speak to us, refresh us, and prepare us for what’s next.


The new church property is still being worked on while we are away on furlough. If you would like to financially support the construction of Calvary’s Motul’s new property, please click this link to see the different ways you can be a part.

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