This month we celebrated obtaining our temporary residency cards again.  We started the process in November and just received them a couple weeks ago.  We hired a company in Merida to help us this time and the process was so much easier.  Thank you for your prayers.  God is faithful.


The single mom that we bought the fridge for last April is still really connected to the church as much as she can.  Because of her work schedule she is not able to come to church service on Sundays, but she comes to any other event that happens in the night with the church and comes to the café at least one time a week with her daughter.  Her daughter comes regularly on Sundays and serves in the cafe and children's ministry.  Natalie started meeting with her once a week in the morning before she goes to work to pray with her.  Anytime we see a way we can bless her family we try to.  So when we were hosting a youth team this month, we had a group of them go to her house to start a painting project.  All of her walls were just bare concrete so to have color - it just made the house much more into a home.  She was able to pick out the colors she wanted and the team was able to get about half of the job done.  After they left, Natalie was able to finish the job the following week and the mom and daughter were very grateful and in tears as they came home from work/school to see their newly painted home.


This month Len had the privilege of ordaining the church’s first elder.  We remember over 2 years ago when his wife first came into our café asking about the church.  They have been Christians for a long time, but were looking for a good Christian church.  His family has been such a great help in the ministry and it was such an exciting time for our church to see him take on the role as an elder.  His wife started this year with teaching the older class even more in Sunday school and overseeing the curriculum schedule.  For the first 2 years in the church, Natalie would be the only Sunday school teacher and would teach every week.  Now Natalie only teaches once a month with the older kids as others have volunteered in teaching the kids.  How amazing it is to see the people in the church step up and serve.



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Our boys have fallen in love with reading. Caleb just started learning how to read in his homeschool and many times we will pass by his bedroom hearing him reading books aloud.  Noah seems to be in a different book about every 3-4 days, it’s hard to keep up.  The other day he said, “I didn’t know that the book of James was so short.”  In his own free time, he just picked up his Bible and started reading it.  He read the whole book of James.  Last time we saw his Bible he had bookmarks in four different places.  After reading the verses in 1 John about not loving the world, he had questions.  He explained how he loved summer, he loves snow so why did God tell us not to love the world?  We were then able to explain what God means when the terms ‘world’ and ‘wordly’ are written in the Bible.  He was happy to know that he could still love snow and things like that.


At the end of the month we were off to Florida.  Natalie baked 5 cakes, 24 brownies, and about 75 cookies to hopefully have enough stock for the café during our time away.  But just a few days before we left, as we were gathering the documents we needed to travel back, we noticed that our boys’ passports expiration date was only 2 days past our date of travel to Florida.  We prayed that we would have no troubled coming to Florida as some countries/airlines won’t allow you to travel if the passport expires within 6 months.  Praise God, we didn’t have any troubles.  And the first day we were here in Florida we went down to the passport agency to apply for their passports and for them to be expedited.  We are scheduled to pick them up before we head back to Mexico.


So we are currently here in Florida for the ARISE AND GO missions week at Calvary.  We hope to see many of you at one of these events.  During the day we are at the church attending missionary care sessions with many of the other missionaries from all over the world that were sent out from Calvary.  It’s been a blessing getting to know the other missionaries and hearing their stories.  We will be here for the duration of the missions week and then fly back to Mexico on February 8.  Below you will see the time and locations you can come if would like to see us.

THURSDAY, February 1 @ 7PM

Coffee Talk Session

[Calvary East Boca - 1551 W Camino Real, Boca Raton, FL 33486]

Meet with us and get to know our family as you interact and ask questions over a cup of coffee. Listen, learn, and discover next steps God might even have for you.


SATURDAY, February 3 @ 6PM

We will be sharing at the SIX78 service

[Calvary Fort Lauderdale – the Attic]


SUNDAY, February 4 @ 8AM

Awake Prayer Meeting

[Calvary Fort Lauderdale - small chapel]

We will be participating and sharing at the Missions prayer meeting.


SUNDAY, February 4 @ 9AM & 11AM

We will be sharing at the SIX78 services

[Calvary Fort Lauderdale – the Attic]


MONDAY, February 5 @ 7PM

Coffee Talk Session

[Calvary Fort Lauderdale - small chapel]

Meet with us and get to know our family as you interact and ask questions over a cup of coffee. Listen, learn, and discover next steps God might even have for you.


WEDNESDAY, February 7 @ 6:30PM

Global Awareness Night – God’s heart for injustice

[Calvary Hollywood]

We’ll have a table where you can come see us.  This will be our last night here as we leave the next morning!