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This month we were blessed to have family be able to come and visit.  At the beginning of the month, Natalie’s mom came and stayed with us for two weeks.  She just blended in with our daily lives and ministry and was able to reconnect with so many from the church.  We had a women’s night where she shared much of her personal testimony with the women and stories of faith and lessons she had learned.  The women were blessed and encouraged.  Just a few days after she left, Len’s mom and sister arrived.  They also came for two weeks.  Our boys were able to spend a lot of time with them.  We had many nights of going out to dinner and even going to see a movie in Merida.


During most of the month of February, the prep for the new sanctuary roof was being done.  Then on February 23, the roof for the new sanctuary got poured.  We didn’t get to watch the whole process as they were doing it during our church service on Sunday, but what we did get to see was great.  How blessed we are to see it coming together!  Since then, the construction workers have been putting on stucco of the walls and ceilings.  We still have electrical work, doors and windows to be made and installed, and maybe some paint.  It won’t be long before we are having services in there!



We are still waiting to receive our temporary resident cards from the immigration office after starting our renewal process at the beginning of November.  We have to do this twice a year – once in the summer for Noah and Caleb and once in November for us.  Every time it seems like the process has been taking longer and longer.  But the other day we had a conversation with the lawyer that helps us with this process and she told us that she investigated further on our behalf.  She spoke with Mexico City and got word that it is possible for us to obtain our permanent resident cards this year and the boys to obtain theirs next year in 2021.  This would mean that we would no longer need to go through this long and expensive process twice a year and would have permission to live here long-term and also gain many rights such as being able to own things in our name like our car!  How amazing would that be!  Please keep this in your prayers that this wouldn’t change and would be true to when it comes time for our renewal process.