countdown has begun


Now that we have returned, all visitors have gone, the countdown has begun.  We currently have 3 months to get the new property ready before our contract ends at our current rented location for the church and café.  While we were in the states, the Lord blessed us with some funds that were donated to get started.  We have three different funds that we are currently raising.

We have the building that was already on the new property (an old house) that we are fixing up to be used for the café and children’s ministry.  It has 5 rooms and 2 bathrooms.  We since have added a storage room, put new floors in 3 of the rooms, opened up a wall, torn down another wall, and replaced all of the exterior doors.  We still have a long list to accomplish: windows, all new electricity needs to be run, lighting, painting, church sign, new café fridge, interior doors, and more.

REFURBISHIMENT: $5,000 raised of $15,000 usd needed.



We just hired someone that will be working on building the new sanctuary starting next week.  We are estimating that the new sanctuary will cost $30,000 usd.  This building will hold 150 people.  As we have ran out of space where we are currently at, we are excited at the possible growth as we will have more room to have more people come to church!   But we will only be able to build as far as the money goes.  Please pray that more will give so we can finish this building to be able to meet.

NEW SANCTUARY: $6,500 raised of $30,000 usd needed.



As many of you know as you have been following us on this journey, when we purchased this new property, we were only able to pay up front 60%.  The owner agreed to receive monthly payments for a year until it is paid in full.  Every month we have trusted in the Lord to provide this extra $1,000 usd for us to be able to pay.  Every month the Lord has been faithful.  We have had one-time donations and also others that have committed to donating monthly until this is paid off.

MONTHLY PAYMENTS: We have a committed $460 being given faithfully with donations by individuals out of the $1,000 usd needed until October 2019.  That’s 7 months left.


Our boys, Noah & Caleb, only have 5 more weeks of school.  It will help a lot to free us up when they finish and then we all can be at the new property more during the day to help get things done.

As we finished our furlough this month, we look back and are so grateful for all of the special times we had.  In the second half of our time in the states, we were able to see both of our families, both in Florida and in Tennessee.  It was truly a cold part of the trip for us as we are not used to the cold weather of the 30’s and 40’s.  But we were also able to get away with just the four of us to rest and enjoy some good family time.  We are glad to be back in Motul, and we brought someone back with us for two weeks – Natalie’s mom.  She had not been here for 3 years.  She was able to see so much change in the church and café ministry as well as get to know the body.  It was a blessing to have her with us and experience our missionary life.

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women's night

We hosted another women’s night this month.  We had 20 women come out from the church!  Natalie’s mom shared her testimony and some verses and lessons she has learned in her walk with the Lord.  Many of the women were ministered to as the Lord began special friendships that night.  May the Lord continue to change these women into His image as they serve their husbands, their children, and their community.

Wow, so we are just so excited.  We are making new lists every day of what needs to get done.  If anyone wants to come over and join us, we could use the help!  It’s quite simple really to come over.  Just talk to us!


If you would like to donate to the any of these projects, you can go to our NEEDS or SUPPORT pages above, or just use PayPal directly to: [email protected]