As soon as one of the ladies in the church found out about our time we had planned to be away in the states, she told Natalie she wanted to have her baby shower before we left.  So Natalie helped her plan for it and had our church café all decorated for her party just 3 days before we left.  Families from the church as well as many from her side of the family came to celebrate, as she is only one month away from having her second baby boy.  We were blessed to be included and share this moment in her life.  We hope we can return in time before the baby is born so Natalie can help her as much as she needs it in the first week or two especially.



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The day before we left for Florida, we had a concrete project started in the backyard area of the church.  There was a lot of ground still covered with just dirt, rocks and weeds.  The church had been blessed with donations specifically for that and so after much searching, we found a local guy to come with his crew to get the job done of laying a concrete foundation.  We’ve seen pictures of the finished project since we have been gone.  How blessed the church family will be and how wonderful it will be to have our future events and outreaches there.  Thank You, Lord, for Your provision.

On February 7, we were off on a plane to Fort Lauderdale.  We had a calendar full of events and schedules.  The first three days we stayed local in the Fort Lauderdale area.  As we reconnected with the body at Calvary Chapel Pompano, we were encouraged as many there read our updates and pray for us.  Noah also got to visit his kindergarten teacher at CCA and speak with her class about the ministry in Motul and share about the Yucatan culture.  It is always a blessing to have that opportunity, as this was not the first time Noah has returned to speak there.

We took our road trip all the way up to Mars Hill, North Carolina.  Natalie has an long-time family friend that blessed us with staying at one of her cabins up in the mountains.  We were able to enjoy such fun things as a family like tubing down a hill in the snow, miniature golf in Gatlinburg, horseback riding up in the trails in the mountains.  How the Lord has blessed us with these memories we are making together.  While we were up there we had the opportunity to share at Calvary Chapel Asheville.  Next, we headed back down south to stay with the pastor’s family from Calvary Chapel Lake Buena Vista.  They had three kids, so our kids were having a blast there the whole time.  Len was blessed to be given that Sunday service to teach and also share about the ministry in Motul.  We are praying that soon there will be a team from there that starts to prepare to come over for a short-term mission trip!


We got to pop over to Melbourne for 24 hours to visit with some of the team that had just been over in Motul in January.  It was good to see them again.  We are also praying for a team to come back in 2018!  And now we staying with a family in Boynton for a couple days.  Our boys are having a great time playing with their kids as Len and I are being blessed by the adult fellowship.

We began our road trip 3 days after we came to the states.  Part of our road trip was time visiting with family, some of it was scheduled to speak at churches, and a part of it was we, as a family, being able to have some time away to relax and refresh.  We spent some time with Calvary Chapel Villages and were super blessed by them.  We love going there and fellowshipping with the body – what a great group of believers.  We were excited that we were able to take the boys to Disney World.  The boys just loved the rides and seeing everything including Caleb being in awe of all the beautiful flowers at Epcot.  Sometimes he stopped to smell every one.

Ministry is continuing on in Motul as we are absent.  Mark, Gosia, and Alex are doing a great job keeping up with all the responsibilities of the café as well as helping with the church services.  Some couples from the church have also been serving at the church services where needed.  What a blessing it is for us to be able to have some time away in the states to connect with churches and individuals, to share and update them about what’s going on in Motul and we can trust and know that ministry is still going on without us being there.  That’s our Jesus.  


We will be here one more week locally.  We get to share at Reveal Fellowship church service at 7pm on Wednesday,

March 1. Here is the address in case anyone wants to come: 8431 Lake Worth Rd, Lake Worth, FL 33467.  We will also be sharing at the AWAKE prayer meeting that Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale has once a month in the small chapel on Sunday, March 5th, at 8am.  We fly back home to Motul on March 7.  We are excited to return.  The Lord has really blessed us this furlough and we are so grateful to everyone we have stayed with, shared a meal with, or just had a chance to just talk and share with them a little about what God is doing in Motul.  So many have blessed in ways in which a spoken ‘thank you’ doesn’t seem enough.  We know this comes from the Lord, and so we praise Him.