In the beginning of February we were blessed to have a 10-day visit from Natalie’s mom.  It’s always a blessing to see friends and family again, but also for them to see our life here in Mexico.  As school was still in session, she was able to see our regular day-to-day lives in both ministry and in the school. The boys enjoyed having their grandma for a short time again and having her read books to them all the time.


We have a new furry addition to our family.  We have been wanting to get a Chihuahua for a while now, and it just so happened that Len found one in another city on the street.  It was a tiny little thing and needed some TLC.  So we brought it home, had it treated at the vet, and now she has a forever home with us.  We are guessing she is around 1 year old, only a little over 4lbs, and she fits in with our other two dogs fine.  Her name is Leche (Spanish word for “milk”).  Dakota finally has a playmate.












As we continue to visit a different Calvary in the other cities every Sunday, on Valentine’s Day weekend we were able to go for a 2-day trip and stay overnight.  San Felipe is a fishermen town with about 1,000 people.  There is a family from here in Merida that travels there every Friday and stays until Sunday to minister there and have the church services.  We were blessed to join them for those two days and witness what God is doing in them and through them.  The dad would preach, the mom would support and cook for everyone, and the oldest daughter who is almost a teenager would be doing puppet shows for the children’s ministry.  We slept in our hammocks at the church with them Saturday night as we heard raccoons scratching on the straw roof.  Sunday afternoon we were all invited to a local family’s house for lunch.  Our food was so fresh that it was probably caught early that morning.  We are not seafood people, but praise the Lord that these fish actually were pretty good.  They just scraped the scales off before frying them up, but left the fins, eyeballs, teeth and brains for you to enjoy looking at.  We never thought we’d be eating fish tacos, as we used to make fun of that idea in Florida, but here they are really popular.


With that same family, we worked out a deal.  We don’t know the last time the mom and dad had any alone time, let alone went out on a date.  So we offered to watch their three girls one night each month so they could go out and then we would get the same chance to go out on another night and they watch our boys.  Last week we had all three of their girls sleep overnight.  We didn’t ask them when the last time they had a date, but we are guessing it has been too long.  We are looking forward to our turn next.


The Influencia ministry of young adults had its first-ever worship band auditions.  We had five different ones come out.  We are still working on the processing of their next step in being a part of the ministry, but it is a joy to see some with their excitement to be involved and use their talents for the Lord.























In this month alone, we have seen great improvements in Caleb’s communication.  We thank you for your prayers.  He still has a way to go, but we see many changes for the better in his sentence structure.  We continue to pray for his learning and ability to communicate to improve.

some spiritual blessings



As we have Bible time with the boys every night, Noah has been going through the book of Matthew.  Just recently we read the area of Scripture of the last supper that Jesus had with His disciples.  Noah was very interested in what communion was all about.  After explaining it, he asked if we could take it as a family.  We agreed to doing it in the future one night after seeing his sincerity.  A few days later he brought it up again and asked when we would do it.  So we went to the store and bought some juice and crackers.  After Caleb went to bed, we had a precious time with Noah in taking communion.  He surely had a pure heart and we see God working in his life.  Noah & Caleb have been such blessings and to watch their spiritual growth has been amazing.  Noah also had his first football game of his 3rd season of football.  He now plays the position of quarterback.  The Eagles took home their first victory of this season.


Len had a great opportunity to work with another long-term missionary here and a group of CC Merida youth to have an outreach in a Catholic boy’s home. The home consisted of 35 boys from ages 5-18 and 2 Catholic priest.  Our objective going in was to share a clear gospel message and build a relationship to get invited back. God was faithful and both occurred! We opened with our youth worship leader sharing why we sing songs to Jesus and they did 4 worship songs. Len then taught out of Matthew chapter 8 about the faith of the centurion. Because it was a boy's school, Len entitled the teaching, “The Soldier and a Super Hero.”  After that, our youth did a drama and shared their testimonies. This was very special as two of the youth have had similar lives as most of the orphans at the school. At the end, we had an opportunity to pray with the boys and we got invited to return.  God truly has built a bridge and we want to use it.    


In the first week of March, Len will be hosting a mission team from Calvary Chapel Boca Raton.  They will mostly be focusing on work projects and Len will get to sleep at home at night for most of their duration since they will be working local.



A couple weeks ago some guys appeared to be switching some wires up on our pole outside to maybe steal some wifi and that’s when it went out. We had no wifi for 8 days at our home.  Praise the Lord it is now fixed and we are once again connected to the world.  Then for the last few days we have been without a car.  Our clutch went out and we are currently waiting for another bid from a mechanic.  The first bid was $500.  We are praying for the second bid to be lower, but we want a professional repair to be done.  We are grateful that we live so close to the church, school, and convenient store.  We all walked to the mall today to have lunch as a family.  Caleb didn’t quite make the walk by himself, but had to be toted a bit.  It was a little over a mile walk from our house.  We had fun taking one of the little motor-taxis back for the ride home.