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As the new year comes and we say goodbye to the old year, many of us take a moment to pause. A changing of the year is a mile marker in our lives, a bench mark, a time to reflect, and time to look back at the totality of last year. As a family, we were blessed with good health and the prayers of many people. Our boys: Noah is 3 quarters the way through his 6th grade year and Caleb the same distance into his second grade. Both boys are developing into good soccer players. Noah has worked hard and now starts as the team’s center forward player.  Caleb has become a very good defensive threat in his own right starting on occasions himself. Over the last year, Natalie had an accident on our motor bike. Even though the recovery process was slow, she has recovered. Thank God for His many blessings as it can always be worse.   I am blessed beyond measure; my marriage continues to grow stronger, my health is good and I have the privilege to pastor Calvary Motul.  As a church much, has changed this past year. We outgrew our last location.  As a church, through much prayer, we were able to buy a new property.  It had a large antique house that we poured a ton of work into turning it into the coffee house and children’s ministry. We also started construction on a new sanctuary on the new property. It will measure 8 meters by 22 meters long. The new church property will meet our current needs and Lord willing our growth for the foreseeable future. As it would be able to seat 150 people.










During this past year we have also started a youth group! The youth group meets every Sunday during church but recently had its first official youth night in the courtyard between the children’s ministry and the new church construction. Our young people were encouraged to personally invite friends. We had about 30 youth the first night. As an added blessing, the group is led by 3 men in our church, all with different skills and talents for investing into our youth. We have come so far as a ministry this year, but we still have so far to go as God is calling us to new projects and ministries.

December and January are always busy fun months for the church. We kicked off the season with a women’s Bible study and Christmas cookie night. We also had various Christmas movie nights and cookie decorating nights at the café.  It is such a blessing to know the church is a destination for families to spend quality time together. To see lives transformed and families made stronger through Jesus is a staple of what we are at Calvary Motul.  It’s one of the  reasons we were blessed with the location we have.  Until our construction is finished, each week we remove everything from the café and pack it up and move in chairs and equipment needed for church service.  We were packed for our Christmas service.  We were past capacity so were having to sit people outside and turn the volume up a bit so they could hear.    The weather was great, and it was a blessing seeing God’s house full!


As a church, we will soon host our first marriage conference.  We are blessed to have CCV take leadership of the conference with teachings, breakout sessions, and counseling. It’s an extra blessing that Natalie and I will be able to sit, listen and learn.   As the pastor and pastor’s wife it is rare.  We never get to sit and listen to a teaching together. We look with great anticipation as to what God is going to do in the marriages and body of this church here.


As I close my letter of reflection on life and ministry. From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you. Thank you for taking time to read our updates, it means more than you know. Thank you for  your prayers, thank you to everyone who supports us as missionaries and/or the ministry at Calvary Motul. You are truly part of the great commission, and words cannot thank you enough that your end of the earth is Motul, Mexico.

Soon Noah and I will be returning to Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale to attend the missions conference (Jan 14-19).

I would love to say hello, have a cup of coffee and share all the great things Jesus is doing here. But the missions dep has us on a busy schedule so know we may have to meet a bit early or late in the day, or during a break in the conference.

written by Len