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This month we started with giving invitations to everyone in the church to be able to schedule a meeting with us at the church office to be able to talk and catch up, as we haven’t seen many from the church body in months.  There were many who didn’t see the need to meet, but with the ones who did, it was such a great time seeing their faces and hearing what God was doing in their lives during this time of quarantine.



Our family was invited over to Ruth’s house for dinner one night.  We remember the first time ever that she had us over for dinner, back when she and her daughter first got saved.  How much God has done in their lives since then!  Praise the Lord for He has taken care of these two and they have grown so much in their spiritual walk with Him.



Our boys received their temporary residency cards for another year!  We were told that this will be the last time because in November we will be applying for our permanent residency cards and then next summer Noah and Caleb can apply for theirs.  We are so excited!  This process two times each year is very costly and it takes up a lot of time; we are so looking forward to not having constricting travel times and being able to own things in our own name!  Please pray that the laws do not change so we are able to complete this.

As we have finished the last few necessary projects in the new sanctuary and bathrooms, we have moved the location of where we record for our Sunday services from our living room to the church property.  As the Lord has placed on our hearts the need to have fellowship again with the body, we have taken this opportunity to personally invite families to come and watch the service recording.  We practice social distancing and sanitation, but there’s just nothing like seeing someone face to face.  Oh, how we have missed the church body!  The church services are not official, but at least we can see each other once again, worship together, and watch the Word of God being taught in front of a camera.  Churches are still closed here, and we know it won’t always be like this; but for now, we are grateful that at least it is a small step forward by faith.