This year we tried something new.  We started online pre-registration for our 3rd annual VBS.  We weren’t sure if it really was going to work or not, but as the weeks came closer to vbs, more sign-ups were coming in.  We had a total of 72 pre-registered online, but that still didn’t tell us how many would be coming on Monday as anyone could walk in the door.


Praise the Lord, we had more volunteers this year than in the first two years combined.  We had 23 total from our church serving, 19 of those served all 5 days of the week; some of them actually took off of work or took vacation time in order to help.  What a blessing to see the church so involved and wanting to serve.


So, on Monday we had a total of 69 kids.  The numbers went up about 10 more kids after the first day.  We had over 100 kids in total that walked through our doors as not everyone came for all 5 days.  We had no incidents, every kid and volunteer were fed every day, and everyone had fun and heard the message of Jesus Christ!  We put out a video every day on Facebook so the parents could see a glimpse of what went on every day.  If you would like to see them, just click on the links here:

click on the pics to enlarge and read captions


It was a lot of work, but as this is our biggest outreach of the year, the fruit is so worth it.  We had 5 new families come to church that following Sunday, and in the weeks following 2 families have remained coming.  It is such a hard, next step to come to church and then to keep coming.  Please keep these families in your prayers and all of the children that attended.


The majority of the kids that come to our VBS are kids that do not come to our church; they don’t know Jesus in a personal way.  Our hope is that they would come to know that truth and through the excitement and fun that they had for the 5 days they were at Calvary Motul, they would want to come back with their families.


In the church we have had more youth wanting to serve in the ministry.  There have been 3 different middle schoolers that have started serving in the babies’ ministry on Sundays or in the church café.  Now that the summer is over, we are focusing more on the youth ministry.  We are in the midst of planning a youth night and hosting one every other month.  It would be a night of fun and snacks with a devotion shared.  This will be a great opportunity for the youth that already come to church to invite their friends.


Also, the men have started a guys’ night.  They will be meeting in a different home every month from someone from the church.  It will be time of fellowship and Biblical discussion.  They just had their first one at the end of this month.  May the Lord raise godly leaders with these men in the church!

Our construction on the new sanctuary has come to a stop.  We did manage to get the 4 walls up and foundation poured for the new sanctuary along with 2 restrooms in time for VBS.  For the first 20 minutes on our first day of VBS we met in the new sanctuary, but without a roof.  We tried the first day with no cover, but it was just too hot to continue the rest of the week like that.  So, Len bought some tarps and put them up to provide shade.  We are praying for God’s provision for the funds that are needed to finish off the sanctuary with a roof and the electrical work that needs done.  $5,000 u.s.d would cover the cost of a new roof.  Please pray with us and if the Lord leads you to give, here is a link: