We started the end of last month continuing on with the first few days of August with our 2nd annual VBS.  It’s was very exciting not knowing how many would come that first day.  There is no registration - all they need to do to participate is show up.  Through Facebook ads and hand-out flyers to get the word out, we had an average of 80 kids per day come.  We had a total of over 100 different kids come through our church doors.  Many from the church body volunteered that week; some served one or two days, many served all 5 days.  It was also great having the help of Pierce and Fiona, as they were still staying with us so they could be here for VBS.  The church body taught the Bible lessons, led the worship time, helped with crafts, played games everything.  Such a blessing to see them serve and reach out to the community here.



Each day was amazing, as many kids from the year before returned, but also many new faces came and LOVED IT!  One boy told one of our volunteers, “I don’t want to be Catholic anymore, I want to be a Christian!”  Another kid told his mom, “I want to go to church here,” But his mom replied with the explanation that if they miss a week at the Catholic church, then he won’t be able to take his communion.  The son replied, “I don’t care.  I want to come here.”  The Catholic church definitely has a stronghold on the people here.  Even though the last day of VBS was on Friday, we didn’t end it there.  All of the kids were invited to come back with their family that following Sunday for our church service.  The kids performed the songs they learned at VBS in front of their parents and received a certificate.  We had over 40 kids come that Sunday with their families!  We had to move the main service outside as that was the only space we had left that would hold so many!

Since then, we have had 3 families steadily come to church every week.  It is such a huge step for a family to make the decision to come to our church.  Many receive opposition not only from the Catholic church but from their own family and friends.  We continue to pray for the families that are coming now, and the ones that haven’t yet come.  One mom, with her two children, has been coming to our church for more than two years now.  We have been praying for her husband faithfully.  He is very true to his Catholic roots and has many times told his wife and children not to come to church here.  But the Sunday after VBS, he came!  Yes, he showed up to watch his daughter perform the songs, but he stayed for the whole service.  And wait, it gets better he came two more weeks in a row after that Sunday!  We are all so excited and praying for his heart to be softened and to come to know Jesus personally.  Currently he is back to work, as he was able to come those Sundays before because he was on vacation.  Now he would only be able to come every other Sunday due to work; so, this upcoming Sunday will be the day he could return if he chooses.  We will wait and see!



We are continuing to look at properties for the church; we have seen a lot, even tried to set up to buy some; but so far, every door has closed for one reason or another.  We know the Lord is guiding us, so we do not worry.  But we want to share the need of raising funds to be able to buy a property.  Our lease ends next summer of 2019 for where we are currently meet at and have the church café.  This place has been a great blessing, but we are soon outgrowing it.  We are looking at buying land with the cost of $20,000-$30,000 U.S. in which we would need to then build from scratch.  We also are looking at other properties that have structures on it built already that range from $50,000-$70,000 U.S.  Yes, we have faith that God will provide for where He will guide us, but we want to give an opportunity for our need to be known so those of you that the Lord leads can give and be a part of this next step of Calvary Motul.  Our heart is to have a place to call our own; a place that the church can meet without the help of U.S. financial support to pay off the rent every month.  We know that day could be many, many years from now but we want to be open with those of you who have been following the ministry here to know what’s going on. If you would like to give specifically to the funds we are raising to purchase property for the future of Calvary Motul, click here:

Our boys once again received their temporary residency cards.  We are so grateful for our contact in Merida who helps us greatly with this process.  We will be starting soon with the process of our cards (Len & Natalie) that will be expiring in November.  The boys also started the new soccer season after being off for a little time in the summer.  This season we asked if our boys could play on the same team, even though they are 3 ½ years different in age.  The coach said we could give it a try and so far, they have been loving it.  Caleb practices with Noah’s age group of 10-13-year olds.  With now only going to 2 practices each week, this saves us a lot of time and the boys enjoy playing together.

All schools are back in session here in Motul.  After the church café having a slow summer, the youth came back!  It is great to see so many old and new faces return.  They love coming here and hanging out with their friends to enjoy a frappe, imported soda, or a piece of cake as they talk and play games or do their homework.  It is such a great way to meet new people and we pray that through the new friendships we make, the Lord will open their hearts to come to church and that they will know how much Jesus truly loves them.