Since the VBS we had in late July, we have seen growth in our church with new people coming.  Let us share a story.  One boy has been coming by himself and attending church on Sundays.  He comes early and hangs out and participates in the Sunday school.  We have been told that his Aunt that works in the craft shop across the street is very Catholic.  We had bought craft materials from their shop for VBS – that’s how this 12-year old boy found out about it and came and he’s been coming every since.  Just today Natalie received a text from him asking if he could be dedicated.  We are having a child dedication this Sunday after service, so he was asking about it and didn’t know what it quite all meant.  Natalie then replied, “Do you want to follow Jesus?”  His answer – yes.  So he met Natalie that night at the café and she explained the gospel message to him.  Then he prayed right there and gave his life to Jesus!


Also, since the VBS week, our son, Caleb, had been asking a lot of questions.  He’s been wanting to know more about heaven, Jesus, and spiritual things.  So we have been having these conversations with him trying to explain these things so his little mind would understand and grasp the meaning of the gospel message.  On August 14, he came to Natalie and asked about a bracelet he had.  It had five colors and he wanted to know what it meant.  All of us were just chilling in our living room listening and so after Natalie explained the story from the wordless bracelet, Len asked Caleb if he wanted to pray and ask Jesus to forgive him for his sins and have the gift of going to heaven.  Caleb said he wanted to do it now and so he prayed!  After he did, Caleb said over and over again with excitement, “I’m going to heaven! I’m going to heaven!”  It was such a joyous celebration for our family as we have been praying for his salvation since he was in Natalie’s womb.  Thank You, Jesus!



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Another answer to prayer is that we completed the process of getting the boys’ temporary residency cards!  It took only 5 trips to the immigration office in Merida.  What a blessing!  Thank you to those who have been praying for this.

For those of you on our email list, you received a letter from us in the middle of August about a need for a single mom

and her two daughters.  We wanted to post that letter here for those who read our updates online only and are not on our e-mail list.

In Acts 2:44-45 it says, Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need.”  In our church we have a single-mom and her two daughters who have a need.


We met her earlier this year, as she came to the café because of her acquaintance with some of the ladies in the church.  Not knowing Jesus personally, she sought out some advice about a situation she was in.  After ministering to her and praying for her, one of the ladies of the church continued to talk with her that night at the café.  An hour later they were smiling from ear to ear.  The lady from our church led her to Christ!  It was glorious!  So this single mom has been coming to church with her two daughters, ages 5 and 7, ever since.


Recently it has been made known to us that she and her two daughters live in her parent’s house.  Her parents are very strong Catholics and give her a very hard time about coming to Calvary.  She has a house just right next door that she desires to move into in order to have her own space for her family and some separation, but right now it’s just a concrete shell.  We, as a church, want to help her by getting her house fixed up so they can move into it.


It’s a one-bedroom house, but right now it needs just about everything.  Insulation for the metal roof, windows, doors, electricity, water, bathroom, tile, lights, fans, fridge, some furniture, paint


We are so blessed to be a part of these people’s lives and to show them God’s love in such tangible ways.  We can’t wait to see God provide through this situation.  We know this will have an impact on her and her 2 daughters, but we are praying for her parents’ hearts as well.  May they see the love of Christ and repent.  All to His glory!


We have already started working on her house by faith that the Lord will provide. We made an announcement to our body here in Calvary Motul about getting involved and helping if anyone feels led.  We ask you to pray and if God leads you to give, please click the link below and that donation will go strictly to these funds that will support this housing project.

residency cards DONATE

We attended our first funeral here in Mexico.  There was someone from our church body, she contacted us when her mother got really sick and was in the hospital.  Len went there to visit and pray for her, and the next day she had died.  We believe she knew the Lord, but for the exception of her daughter and granddaughter, no one else in her family does.  They are very Catholic.  The funeral service was very sad to witness as everyone repeated the same prayers over and over to Mother Mary.  But as much as the spirit of darkness seemed to dwell in this time of loss, we have seen answer to prayer.  This lady who comes to our church (and it’s her mom that passed away), has a husband who is very Catholic and seems to have had a very cold heart toward she and her daughter coming to our church.  But through this death, he has had questions about God.  We invited their family over for dinner recently and it seemed to be a great open door to just talk about life.  He did ask a few questions so we do see the Lord working on his heart.  We will continue to pray for his salvation and for his wife and daughter to be a light to him in their home.

We were able to get away the last week before public school started here in Motul.  It was a great time of rest as we enjoyed just time with our family.  Since we have returned, school is now in session and we are open again in the afternoons at the café.  And yes, all of the school kids came back.  Time for more ministry.