APRIL 2019


In over the last 9 months, all of the new families that have started coming to Calvary Motul have mostly been Christians that were looking for a solid Christian church.  So, when we recently had our baptism just the day before Easter, a young lady from one of those new families, decided she wanted to get baptized.  It was a great celebration.  There was hardly anyone who missed coming to this church event; everyone brought a plate of food to share.  We worshipped, we listened to the Word, we celebrated in watching her get baptized, and we ate and fellowshiped together.  What a great family of Christ we have here in Motul.  The next day we celebrated our risen Savior as we gathered together at church for our normal service.

On the last Sunday of this month, the older kids finally started their own class as they separated from the younger group.

From now on, the 10-13-year olds will be attending their own Sunday school class taught by several different men in the church.  We are excited to see these men being used by the Lord to teach this generation.  Also, one Sunday a month they will attend the main service.  These youth seem to be excited as we are as well.  We can’t wait to see how they will grow spiritually as they learn at their own level.  Noah is definitely looking forward to it.


Our boys did complete and pass their grade.  Their school year has ended and now they are currently on their “summer break.”  Normally we don’t take off more than a month, but due to the schedule of the church moving in May, we will not return to school until June.  We think the boys are ok with that!

We have just 10 days left before we begin to move everything over to the new property.  The floors are done, doors are hung, electricity has been replaced, most of the painting is complete (for now), the well is currently being repaired, the plumbing has been fixed, the café sink has been built we have left to install windows, finish painting, rebuild a wall, and LOTS of cleaning from all the construction and many little details.  Please pray that the Lord would bless us with more than enough help and finances to complete these projects to be ready for opening.  Starting on May 12th, we will have 5 days to move and set up everything we need for the café. The café will have its first opening night on May 17th.  Then we will have one week to move everything else to the new property.  The first church service will be on May 26th.  We are so excited!

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great things are yet to come

Near the end of this month, Natalie was in a motorcycle accident.          After leaving the paint store, she was riding home when a drunk stumbled into the middle of street.  She hit the brakes but the bike slid and she flew off.  The ambulance came and examined her.  They gave her two stitches in the chin, but that was all they could do.  She had a lot of pain in her jaw from the impact and she wasn’t able to walk as her knee was swollen.    The next day we went to the capital city to see two different specialists – one for her jaw and one for her knee.  We were able to get x-rays taken and they showed no broken bones.  But we will return a week later for a check-up and to get an MRI on her knee as Natalie might have a torn ligament or meniscus.  Please keep her in your prayers as of now she cannot walk, but is using crutches and she is not able to open her jaw much and needs to eat soft foods.  We don’t know how long the healing process for her jaw is but even now she is not supposed to sing which means not leading worship on Sundays.  Please also pray for the Lord’s provision to meet the medical bills.  For those that are on our e-mail list,  we will be giving updates on her progress.  We are grateful that in the end, this wasn’t worse than what it was.  The timing seems terrible, but as Natalie said, “This only means that great things are yet to come!”