APRIL 2018

As we said in last month’s update, we started our first day of April with our Easter baptism.  What a great time it was.  It was also such a joyous occasion for our family to celebrate as well because of Noah’s decision to get baptized.  Len’s mom and sister flew in for the week to be able to see his baptism.  The boys, of course, were excited to have them here. Noah has spiritually grown so much. We have seen some of the gifts the Lord has given him when it comes to leadership and being able to see when others are left out. He goes out of his way to make sure they feel welcome and included.  He started the 40-book series of Left Behind for Kids late last year and just finished it.  He very much enjoys reading.  Both of our boys had their last day of school at the end of April.  Noah completed 4th grade and Caleb finished kindergarten.  The plan is to have a month off and start the next grade in June.  With a shorter summer break, they can have more times off during the year like when teams come or for our time of furlough.  We are very blessed to be able to homeschool them.  They both had their soccer games this past weekend.  It was Noah’s first time playing in a game.  They both did great and both of their teams won.  Caleb’s coach says that Caleb understands a lot of Spanish.  We see him having a desire to learn and communicate more with his friends.  We recently celebrated our 14th anniversary.  We have close friends in the church that took our boys overnight so we could enjoy a 24 hr. getaway in Merida. We don’t know who had more fun!


Remember the lady we have written about many times that we have asked prayer for?  We bought her a fridge, then we painted her house when one of the teams were here.  She’s the one who has been praying to be able to come to church because she's not able to because of her work schedule.  She works 13 days and gets the 14th day off.  Well, just this month, they added another employee at her work.  They changed everyone’s work schedule and now she has every Saturday off and one out of every 5 Sundays.  Saturdays are a great day off for her because now she can visit her 12-year old son in Merida.  She battled for a year in court for the rights to see him.  And just this past Sunday she came to church and brought a friend!  She is so full of joy and grateful to the Lord for opening these doors in her life.  Keep praying.  Hopefully one day she will get to come every Sunday!



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Our church seems to be going through a growth spurt right now.  The last few weeks we have been using every chair and the nursery has been filled to the max. We see lives continuing to change as we see the body follow Christ. For the Children’s Ministry, we just opened up a Bible store for them.  It is full of prizes that they can “buy” with Bible tickets.  They can earn Bible tickets by memorizing the verse of the week, bringing someone new to church, or helping out on church cleaning day on Saturdays.  The kids are really excited about it and have already participated greatly in every way.  New kids who are coming for the first time are coming back the next week knowing the Bible verse!


As we have seen the growth, we have seen more people coming hungry to learn the Scriptures, this month we started a Foundations of Faith class on Thursday nights.  We have the café still open; but along with having customers, the kids hang out in the café as their parents go to the back room to learn deeper in the Word.  Len, Alex, and Armando (an elder in the church) take turns teaching every week.  We’ve had a great turn out so far with the first two weeks.  We pray that they continue to come and learn so they will have a deeper foundation in their faith.

Since Christmas break, we have not seen the business side of the café pick up.  The numbers have been low.  The café ministry is such a large part of what we do here as we meet new people and love on the returning customers, we knew we needed to try something different to get people to come back.  So, we created 7 new flavors of frappes and promoted a week-long special of buy 1 frappe, get one free.  These promotions aren’t very custom to here, but we thought we’d try it.  Well, it was a success.  With the four days we were open, we sold 145 frappes.  We had many first-time customers, many returning customers, and many that had questions about the church.  We will continue to serve and pray that with our open door, that many will come to know who Jesus is.