APRIL 2017

This month started out a bit slow on the café side, so much so that we shut down our afternoon shifts because no one was coming.  They have Spring Break for two weeks here, and when they do, everyone goes somewhere else except the café.  But ministry this month in the church showed so much fruit.  Every week there has been a new story of someone in which God has done a great work.  We hope to share a few with you.


Last month we wrote about the single mom and her daughter in which we were invited over to their house for dinner.  We also presented the need of them having a fridge.  Almost instantly the Lord used someone to provide the funds for us to purchase one for them.  We found an inverter fridge (uses much less energy and will help cut down on their electric bill) in Merida and we delivered it to their house.  They both seemed so blessed to be able to have a fridge, somewhere to store food, and it will not spoil so quickly.  Thank you to everyone who prayed and for those who gave.



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We had such a special Easter service.  We started that Sunday with our normal church service in the morning, but then after we all went about a mile down the road to a facility we rented for the day.  It had a pavilion, pool, table and chairs.  Everyone brought something to eat to share.  We started with the baptism.  Seven different people got baptized; the daughter of the single mom that we got the fridge for, being one of them.  It was such an honor to be a part of.  The following Sunday we opened up the service for a time for those who wanted to share their testimonies. The Lord is doing such a great work in the body here.

Our church is growing.  With the help of the Calvary Boca Team, we were able to finish the 2 Sunday school rooms.  The kids were so excited to come to their new rooms the following Sunday.  And instantly, after making the announcement of needing volunteers to serve in the nursery, we had enough women to rotate and serve every week.  So Natalie continues to teach the older kids (ages 5+) on a weekly basis as volunteers serve on a rotation every week and take care of the babies and toddlers.  The people from the church are starting to serve.  Children’s Ministry, worship, service support, serving coffee, cleaning, set up everyone wants to help.


One night in the café, many from the church were there just for fellowship and some sweets.  All of the ladies started to minister to a single mom who just started coming to the church.  After multiple conversations, one of the women in the church led her to the Lord at the end of the night!  They were both just as excited we all were!  To see the body growing in their faith and sharing it, we couldn’t be happier.


Because of someone donating the funds for us to have Spanish lessons, we started just a couple weeks ago. Our translator is our Spanish teacher and it works out perfectly since he knows what our Spanish ability is and he speaks perfect English as he had lived in the states before.  What a blessing it is to further our knowledge of the language here so we can minister and serve the people better.


Noah and Caleb have one week of school left.  They are both excited to complete their studies and have some time off.  Doing school at our new house has definitely helped them focus better and their classes get completed earlier as they don’t have all the distractions they did when we lived in the back of the church / café.  Noah completed learning the books of the Bible.  And Caleb’s new learning game is to say words and tell which is the first letter that it starts with.  We are so proud of them.  Noah will be completing 3rd grade and Caleb Pre-K.


Our 2-year contract on the church / café building ends in one month.  We have been asking you to pray for several months as we have been wanting to renew it, but our landlord has been putting it off.  We thought that he might increase the price so much that we wouldn’t be able to afford it.  But our faith stood in the Lord and just last week Len signed the contract for 2 more years and the price only increased 3%.  Thank You, Lord!


At the last church service, May 30, many new people came to church.  These are ones we have served in the café for many months and have invited, but they never came until today.  One young man had asked Natalie to teach him to bake since he just loves her cakes and pastries.  She then made a deal with him: if he comes to church that next Sunday, she will teach him how to make a cake.  So he showed up for church!  This coming Wednesday he will come again, but this time to learn how to make a cake!  He heard the Word of God and took a Bible home.  God’s Word never will return void.  Please pray for his soul.

Just yesterday we said goodbye to Mark as he flew to Poland to be with his fiancée, Gosia.  He joined our mission team 7 months ago and has been such a huge help to the ministry here.  He taught the English classes, served in the café, helped with service set up and just immersed himself in the culture and shared his life with the people here.  We will miss him.