APRIL 2016

We started the first week of last April with Angel, the orphan we had living with us, wanting to move out and back to the orphanage to our surprise.  As much as we welcomed him to stay with us, he chose to leave on his own terms.  We pray that he will be able to hear the voice of the Lord and will allow the Holy Spirit to direct his steps.

florida visits


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We then welcomed the Calvary Chapel Boca Team to minister with us a few days during the week that they were here in the Yucatan on their mission trip.  From helping us deep clean some areas in the café, cleaning up some more rocks in

the backyard, basketball outreach, putting together a playground set - what a blessing this team was to have here in Motul.  One night they offered an English class here in the café.  We had a good group come out and participate.  So many ask

us about English classes.  We are praying that the Lord will send us more help, for someone that could lead this ministry.

It would be such a great opportunity to build friendships, minister to the people, and share the love of Jesus.

The night the team joined us for our Sunday night church service, Natalie had asked if she could have extra help with her Sunday school class.  She had wanted for so long to be able to share the gospel with a couple of the kids that have been coming regularly.  So with a couple ladies from the team taking care of the baby in a separate room, and Natalie having a translator, she shared the gospel message very clearly.  Both Octavio (Noah’s friend) and Daniela prayed and decided to follow Jesus that night!  We all were so excited and were so blessed to have that extra help that night to make it happen.

One day this month we went to visit the zoo in Merida.

It’s a nice free thing to do with the family.  Len bonded with one of the local monkeys while we were there.  

The boys enjoy going there, but with April and May being the hottest months of the year here, mostly every day it gets over 100 degrees, we didn’t stay too long in order to escape the heat.

Later in the month, Natalie took a short trip to Ft. Lauderdale.  One of her good friends was getting married at Calvary and Natalie was one of her bridesmaids.  It was a quick 4-day stay, but she was able to meet up with some friends and visit with her family.  This was the first time she ever left the boys alone with Len they survived barely.

One holiday they celebrate here is Children’s Day.  It’s a day just to honor kids.  We were out shopping for our café supplies in Merida on this day, so many of the stores had free cake, candy, and balloons for the kids.  Noah wanted to make sure he didn’t miss out on this holiday!  They boys even got free ice-cream at the restaurant we ate at.


On April 17, we celebrated our 12th anniversary of marriage.  This was our first night since moving to Motul, that we trusted someone else local here in Motul to watch our boys while we went out for dinner in Merida.  Praise the Lord for the new friendships we have made through the church, the café, and just daily life.  We see new faces starting to come to the church; people we have known for a while from either businesses or just visiting the café regularly.  We get so excited to see who will come each Sunday.  Praise God for His work continuing here in Motul.